This blog has, and always will be, a hobby site. It will always be free. I won’t ever charge you for reading the content, and if I’m honest even those bad people who are scraping my content and posting it elsewhere, don’t really get me mad enough to be bothered with them (some days they do, some days they don’t).

In the process of setting up my other blog, I have been considering putting in adverts (on single pages only, not the front page) as it has been shown that successful blogs can make a decent amount of money. Now I’m not sure I have the time nor inclination to spend a huge amount of time on promoting and selling this blog, but I’ve always wondered if I could, at the very least, break even.

It was with some interest that I read this post from Matt over at Fortuitous which mirrors some of my thoughts. I certainly don’t want to bombard my dearest readers with flashy whizzy adverts that pop and bang every time you load the page.

But you know me better than that of course.

What Matt has found, and my stats are eerily similar, is that the large bulk of visitors to this site don’t ever return. They are delivered by Google searches, obviously don’t find what they are looking for, and leave, never to return. As such, targetting adverts at those readers might be a solution, and with a little bit of Javascript cookie magic I can serve up an advert for first-time visitors only.

That does mean that you will see text based adverts on this site, but if you maintain your cookies* you will only see them once. The next time you visit they will have disappeared. I’m expecting some teething problems and I’m sure someone will object but consider it an experiment. If it works, and it doesn’t piss people off TOO much then they’ll stay. If not, they go.

Thoughts? Are adverts evil and the first step towards all out commercialism? Or are they tolerable as long as they remain non-intrusive (un-intrusive?)?

I’ll guess that most of you probably aren’t bothered as long as the adverts aren’t annoying.

* If you don’t know what that means then chances are you are doing it already, even though you don’t know it. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, and I will never dunk your cookie in room temperature milk, or anything else equally abhorrent. Promise.