A friendly reminder

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Selling my soul

I receive a bribe! Why am I starting to sound like JonnyB! and what’s with the exclamation marks! A friendly email, from a friendly person, from a company I’ve used before, arrives in my email. Apparently he’d like to bribe me to blog about his company and their website. I’ve used said company before, and…Continue reading Selling my soul

Drawn to Water

Recently, Hg was musing on how he is “fascinated by the sparseness of the planet’s polar extremes and specifically by artistic responses to the territory”. He quote from Brian Keenan’s book, Four Quarters of Light, and it’s such a great quote that I have to repeat it here: “Wilderness to the creative mind is like…Continue reading Drawn to Water

Hicky Burpday Jen!

Is it wrong to schedule a blog post in case you forget to phone your sister on her birthday?? Only kidding, Happy Birthday Jen, hope you have a good one!