Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers A while ago I asked “Would you take the money?” in reference to an email I received offering me a cash voucher in return for posting about my experiences using an online store. The answers to that question varied, but by and large you mostly agreed that, as long as I was upfront…Continue reading Arena Flowers

Musings on X-Pubs

Next week I’m heading down to Reading to attend the X-Pubs conference, where I’m hoping to learn more about both how a solid XML publishing solution is implemented and, ultimately, why I need to bother. OK, I know why I need to bother so I guess I should re-phrase that to “how I justify all…Continue reading Musings on X-Pubs

This week…

… I will mostly be blogging about… hang on.. bloody hell, what’s that noise? Holy mother of all things unseasonal, hailstones! And it’s almost June, what the fuck has happened to our weather, it’s like the whole environment has been turned upside down or something. I wonder if the authorities know about this… Anyway, where…Continue reading This week…

New Lanark

Having read a feature in the local paper, we headed off to New Lanark today, primarily for a wander along the banks of the River Clyde to the Falls of Clyde. Alas they aren’t that spectacular at the moment, mainly because the water is held back to drive turbines at a nearby power station, and…Continue reading New Lanark

Still here

Just not, you know, here. My days have mainly contained watching crap TV or crap movies or sleeping. This has been keeping my mind off the fact that I can’t eat. Nothing more than a stomach bug I’m sure. It’ll pass. Back soon.

Mooo.. scellaneous

Nature is a wonderous thing, offering us such beauty and inspiration that sometimes it boggles the mind. Be it a particular cloudscape, a shimmering lake or the steaming placenta lying next to a just-born calf… OK, it wasn’t ideal to see such a sight first thing in the morning but it certainly woke me up.…Continue reading Mooo.. scellaneous

Combine & Conquer

Combine and conquer It’s been so long since I started this whole ‘oneman’ thing, combining all my online ‘identities’ into one amorphous mass, that it was quite good to take a break, step back and make sure that it’s working for me. Ultimately the creation of was to stop the build up of “work”…Continue reading Combine & Conquer