Are we there?

Are we there YET? Are we THERE yet? Are we THERE YET!!? are we there yet? ARE. WE. THERE. YET! We must be close, surely. Every morning has started with a glorious sunrise, breaking through the mist. Every afternoon finds me gazing out of the window as the sun sweeps across the land. Every evening…Continue reading Are we there?


Similarly to yesterday I have a few thoughts burbling away in dusty recesses of my brain. They are all sort of maybe might be loosely connected but I can’t seem to coax any of them out to play. This is doubly annoying as, not only am I certain that if I could tease them out…Continue reading Eureka!

Human Nature

There is a vague thought tickling the back of my brain, all prompted from spending some time driving around in our new car. No, it’s not about the car, nor about driving, at least not directly. It’s roughly centred around our natural competitive nature, and the weird effect that sitting behind the wheel of a…Continue reading Human Nature