Once upon a weekend

Washed car. Chopped down small tree. Sun came out. Chopped down some bamboo. Dug over sideborder. Parents visited. BBQ. Went for run. Hot. Legs still tired. Cut grass. Cleared out garage. Went to dump. Watched football. More BBQ. Scottish Blogs stuff. Design skills ‘stuck’, still. Slept like log. More later.

Friends and Codes

Blimey, a fairly busy week or so of overly gluttonous introspection in blogland. No surprise I guess but this time round it has been fairly forthright and more vociferous than usual. I’ve linked to a few of the following before, but, pulled together they encapsulate most of what has been said. I think. It all…Continue reading Friends and Codes

Content in the City

Various recent events have me pondering. At what point does the amount of digital content we have become a burden? In the age of “more”, when does “a lot”, become “too much”? Why do I have Carrie Bradshaw’s voice in my head? Leaving the exquisite Ms. Parker (or Mrs. Broderick if you prefer) to one…Continue reading Content in the City

Tilt head for info

click. bsssszzz, k-chunk. click-klack. Bzzzzzz kvrrrummm whiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. “Importing….” “Import Complete” click. bsssszzz, k-chunk. click-klack. Bzzzzzz kvrrrummm whiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Repeat ad infinitum. Or, as has been the case, for about 10 CDs at one sitting. I have a lot of CDs and one day they will all be in the loft, gathering dust, replaced by their digital…Continue reading Tilt head for info


Tonight was the start of the next 10 week block of JogScotland. In 10 weeks time I’ll be running for a complete hour. Based on tonight it’s gonna be a hard slog. On the other hand, if every evening I go out for a run in are as stunningly gorgeous as it was tonight then…Continue reading Glorious