Feeds? My aRSSe

Ohh yes, hitting top form with the witty post titles now!

Two posts today, both of which may hold limited appeal. First up, a few questions about my RSS site feeds, and later a nice tale about good customer service.

If you don’t use the RSS feeds, then I’d ignore this post.

Right, still here? Good, because I have a question for all of you who don’t bother your arse to visit this site every day, instead preferring to view my glorious content using some poxy news reader which will no doubt strip my delicately laid out prose and dump it into something akin to.. *shudders* plain text. Bloody heathens. Ehhhh… anyway.. what I meant to say was would you LOVELY people who are currently reading this site via an RSS feed be so kind as to pop along to the site itself? I’d like you to answer a quick question. Please?

And to my even lovelier readers (ohh yes, we grade our readership here, didn’t you know?) who value my site enough to visit it “properly”, you are more than welcome to read on and offer your opinion too.

And if no-one answers I’ll just do what I bloody well want!

I’ve been playing with the RSS feeds a little, some of you have already spotted some of the changes, and I am going to rationalise them a little. However, as I don’t really use them all that often, it’s really up to you to tell me what you want (would like).

The Question:

  • Which RSS feed do you currently use? (title or URL would be handy)

That wasn’t too painful, was it? Ohh but I’m not finished yet. Read on for some explanation and more options.

Why are you changing things again?!

The way I post to my sidebar (the miniblog on the left there, uh, unless you are reading this in an RSS reader, obv.) has changed. I used to use Blogger to publish there, but I switched to using a category of WordPress, which has brought it’s own set of issues, but I digress. Because of that switch the default site feed now includes miniblog posts as well (by default). However, as I don’t really use my own feeds that’s not really a problem.. for me.

So I’m thinking of tidying things up and offering only the following three feeds:

  1. Main Feed – the normal feed, as it is at the moment, with ALL categories of posts from the site. That gives you the main posts and the miniblog posts in one feed.
  2. Link Feed – Miniblog posts + del.icio.us links which would give you, in essence, my full “linkblog”.
  3. Super-duper trough of information feed – All posts + del.ico.us links + Flickr photos + anything else I can crowbar in there (recently played tracks from last.fm if I can get it to work).

How does that sound? (ohh, that’s question number two then).

I want something different!

Well tough.

OK, not really, I just love you guys and gals too much I guess. If you aren’t happy with any of the above options, you can also monitor all of the following feeds separately, although I won’t be offering them as default feeds from the site:

WordPress tip: Did you know you can monitor a feed for ANY category in a WordPress site? Just visit the category link in a post, and add feed/ to the end of the URL.

For example, here’s the feed for my “before blog” posts.

I’m confused!

Yeah me too.

Basically, of the three options I gave you —Main Feed, Link Feed, Super Duper Trough of Information— I just wanna know which one you’d prefer.

The comments await, have at it.