So, that was 2007, was it?

I’ve always meant to do something like this but never found the time… ohh ok, the inclination, before. Perhaps that’s because it is somewhat overly narcissistic but, well, that’s never stopped me before.. So here is a (skewed) look at the past year, as seen through the eyes of this blog:

Conversation V.I.P.s

Revisiting an old post over on the Cherryleaf blog, where Ellis was prompted to ask “Can technical authors be part of ‘the conversation’ in the connected Web 2.0 world that’s emerging?” (excuse the paraphrasing). As a long-term blogger, and someone who believes that there are many tools in the Web 2.0 world that can and…Continue reading Conversation V.I.P.s

Product Design

As a technical writer, I often find myself bemused by the design decisions made by developers and product designers. Any time I find myself bemused by a product I tend to look towards the supporting information. However, the technical writer also has guard against such things, as evidenced by the instruction manual I received with…Continue reading Product Design

Ho Ho Ho

I hope, whether you celebrate it or not, that you are having a peaceful time with you and yours, and I hope that Santa is good to you (not YOU obviously, you’ve been bad). Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and remember that it’s all about the people you love, not the presents you get or…Continue reading Ho Ho Ho

Freezing Fog

It’s all gone now, but the previous three days saw us drive to and from work in freezing fog. During that time, the country road that we take got whiter and whiter. So, on Friday afternoon as I was home earlier than I expected, I nipped back out with my camera.


I can’t help it. It’s not my fault. I try and fight it, honest I do. I do my best but.. well.. I am but a man, there is only so much I can do. Normally I can resist, I mean it’s not like I’ve not had practice at this sort of thing and I’ve…Continue reading Acceptance

New RSS Feed

It took me a while to ‘get’ RSS feeds but now that I have I find myself quite happily subscribing to them, willy-nilly. I figure I’d rather have a lot of sources than not enough. This does mean that sometimes I don’t read all the posts, but I’ve made my peace with the “Mark as…Continue reading New RSS Feed