Morning Calls

Waiting at the station, a plane drones overhead, buses grumble and whoosh as they pause at the bus stop, cars rush noisily to their destinations. Commuters prowl the platform, rustling papers, whistling from earphones, chatting, yawning, heels clicking on concrete. All around the sounds of the day slowly build. A piercing melody cuts through the…Continue reading Morning Calls

New doors

I type this amid much banging and with a distinctly chemical odor pervading my home. I’m freezing cold as the heating is off, and I’ve got headache kicking in. But I don’t care because they are almost finished fitting our new front and back door. No longer will the wind whistle round the door frame,…Continue reading New doors

Xmas is here

This weekend we have mostly been finishing off our Xmas shopping (almost done, almost), carting boxes of stuff into and out of the loft, and converting our living room into Santa’s Grotto. Sort of. I even postponed my Sunday morning run so we could hit B&Q early. Well, that’s not true. I HAD planned to…Continue reading Xmas is here

Out of whack

Ouchy My back isn’t mega-sore if I keep it moving. That makes sitting down at a computer to do work a little annoying… hence the reason I’m still awake at 1am doing some work. Thankfully it’s improving every day. Happy Birthday! Visited my Gran tonight on the occasion of her 87th birthday. She’s finally out…Continue reading Out of whack


Preface: Nothing personal is meant in this, it’s purely and solely my issue. Please do not take a fence. There seems to be a growing trend amongst some of the better known bloggers, better known than I that is, to feature video clips of themselves in lieu of text. I can’t say I’m in favour…Continue reading Vido

Sponsor me

I have no idea how this will work but as I’ve just dumped the form in the office kitchen, and sent round an “encouraging” email at work, I figured I’d give you beautiful, generous people a shot too. And don’t say I didn’t warn you. On Sunday the 10th December I’m running a 5k (5…Continue reading Sponsor me