Can't stop

Glad you all liked that joke, Louise was most pleased as she told it to me in the first place. My Mum is likely to be disappointed as it’s not a dirty joke (my mother’s specialty) but as she’s up to her ears in an IKEA delivery fiasco at the moment, she’s not had time…Continue reading Can't stop


The farmer looks out of the kitchen window at the pouring rain, lashing across his land on a ferocious gale. He turns to his trusty sheepdog, sighs, and says “Ohh my, I really don’t want to go out in that, but I really need to go and count that newly arrived flock of sheep”. His…Continue reading Baaaa


Remember that complaint letter I wrote to the bank? Well they had until we got back from holiday to respond, and.. um.. OK OK I kinda forgot about it a wee bit. However, I did remember on the way home from work last night and would have been on the phone as soon as I…Continue reading Bankers

The wind blows

Blimey, what a night. The lamppost outside is rattling back and forth, leaves are whipping round the garden and all manner of weird banging, clanging noises are making me wonder what state things will be in come morning. Visited friends last night, and managed not to drink TOO much (I managed to win a couple…Continue reading The wind blows

Why you no redesign?

Apologies for the recent spate of grammatically incorrect post titles, for some reason my brain keeps uttering them in a foreign-tinted accent, ya know mon? Most unsettling really, and personally I blame … umm … someone else (obviously, it’s not MY fault). However, the question remains, I had planned to redesign this little corner of…Continue reading Why you no redesign?

Stuff wot I missed

One birthday party which seems to have gone very well, and was attended by virtually every single blogger on my “must meet before I die or contract leprosy” list. One birthday. The delivery of one mug (no smart comments, thank you). A Halloween party but no probs there as I’m very ‘humbug’ about dressing up…Continue reading Stuff wot I missed

Books wot I red

After much deliberation and swithering I ended up taking 5 books with me last week. Well, technically that’s not true. After much deliberation and swithering I ended up packing 3 books and then bought another two at the airport (I know, I know!). So, here are some brief thoughts on the ones I read. 1.…Continue reading Books wot I red