Kit-Kat Kate

Kate is meeting her husband to go shopping, as she’s early she decides to go for a cup of coffee. At the counter she hums and haws over the cakes but ends up picking a two-finger Kit-Kat to have with her coffee. As she turns away from the checkout she realises that there aren’t many…Continue reading Kit-Kat Kate


The leaves are turning, the nights are “fair drawing in”, and there is a chill on the wind. Winter jackets are extracted from the back of the wardrobe – what does that mean? My wardrobe has a pole running across it, not front to back – and are drawn tightly around goose-bumped bodies. I do…Continue reading Confu-season

Be prepared

It’s slowly dawning on me that we fly to Spain on Monday. I’ve not even thought about planning what to pack, let alone consider packing itself. I mean it’s round about now that you need to start to make decisions, isn’t it. You know the type of decision I mean. The “ohh I COULD wear…Continue reading Be prepared


Sunday morning, 11am, and… ohh wait, I wasn’t going to blog about my jogging so much was I. Ohh well, my site, my rules etc etc. Sunday morning, 11am, and a glorious sun stretches up into the sky. I felt really good as we started the run and pushed myself pretty hard, something noticed by…Continue reading Promotion

10 minutes

Jesus H. Christ on a bike. A quick recap for ya, whilst re-mortgaging Louise and I freed up some extra funds. The mortgage has been processed and we got our cheque for a not insubstantial amount of money (well, to us anyway). However as the mortgage is in joint names, the cheque we received was…Continue reading 10 minutes


Gosh time flies, doesn’t it. Or not, as the case may be. STILL waiting to put a large cheque into the bank. STILL having to phone THEM every day. STILL not able to get things done as we need the cheque processed… and we head off to Spain at the end of the month so…Continue reading Loom