Month: September 2006

Fatal FOPP

It never EVER fails. No matter how much music I have, a visit to FOPP always brings more. Yesterday saw me return to work with:

  • R.E.M. – Reckoning
  • John Lee Hooker – Don’t look back (compilation)
  • Sibelius – Symphony No.5, Finlandia, Tapiola and Valse Triste as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic

And all for less than a tenner. Brilliant.

However if you add in other recent acquisitions – three Amon Tobin albums (whom I’m sort of discovering at the moment), Starflyer 59, a boxset of Thelonious Monk (Moods), Wolfmother and Lou Rhodes albums and, well, my cup floweth over.

Thankfully I’m at home today, waiting on a survey on the house, so can listen to them as and when I want.

And, of course, other suggestions are welcomed. What are you listening to at the moment?

Righteous Rubbish

Never one to pass up a free book, most of which come via my parents, I have an ever growing “to be read” pile that is currently tottering at an alarming level. So, lest it fall over and kill someone I’ve started to work through it.

Now, I should explain that I have two ‘sets’ of books that I’ve yet to read. There are the neatly “placed on bookshelf” classics — Don Quixote, Count of Monte Cristo etcetera etcetera — and the the other “piled wherever I can find space” books which are typically more modern and on bestseller lists. What can I say, I’m a book whore. I’ll read anything.

And so it was that I found myself reading an awfully pedestrian, badly written thriller called The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne. No link as I’d hate anyone to buy it. Labelled as… wait for it… yup, the “The Next Dan Brown” (their capitals not mine), it was, quite simply, rubbish. I’ve had more thrills waiting for a bus. I won’t bother you with any more detail than that, my only advice is DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!

However, the odd thing is that I still read the damn thing from start to finish, only skimming over the boring bits.

Air Frivolous

It’s all his fault, him and his “old skool kicksology“. Although I guess I could work a little harder on the willpower front…

Let’s rewind a little.

I enjoy playing basketball, but don’t get much chance these days. Many moons ago I used to play every Sunday night, and my idol, like every basketball fan of that era, was Michael Jordan. These were the days when rampant commercialism was just beginning, in fact I’m not even sure we realised, back then, where it would lead, so it took me all of a nano-second to decide to buy my first pair of basketball boots and, naturally, they’d have to be Air Jordan (V).

I can remember trying them on in the shop and the first time I wore them on a court, the squeak and slap of the sole on the varnished wood still etched in my memory. You see, of all the sports I’ve ever played, basketball was not only my favourite but something at which I was, well, let’s say above average. Ohh balls to that, I was pretty good! I’m still not sure why, possibly something picked up from my Dad — memories of being allowed to play in the school gym where he taught, and entire basketball court and more to myself — or maybe it just suited my brain better. Whatever the reason I know that, in my year, there were two good basketball players and I was one of them.

Those basketball boots lasted me for several years before, having worn them almost constantly, they kinda fell apart. Ohh yes, it was a sad day when they were finally laid to rest. A touching ceremony, although Mr. Jordan declined the invitation to attend.

Zip forward several years and, in Stoke Mandeville, I found a group of guys who met up on a Sunday night to play basketball. I hadn’t played for years but leapt (no pun intended) at the chance to get back on the court. Admittedly these guys were all MUCH better than me, including the guy who could dunk, but I held my own and enjoyed every minute. I invested in a new pair of basketball boots and, unable to shake my youth, I plumped for the latest Air Jordans again (the XIII). I still have them, as I don’t really wear them often, and it’s those very same boots that I was wearing when I broke my foot.

That was three years ago, and the boots are still at the bottom of my wardrobe. With no basketball in my near future, Lord knows I’ve no reason to buy another pair, not even if they were the same as my beloved original Air Jordan V.

But I did.

Hey, they were cheap, doubly so as I paid for them a couple of weeks back when the dollar to sterling rate rendered things virtually ‘half-price’, and they arrived on Monday. Yes, I have NO willpower. Unfortunately you can’t buy that on a whim (which, surely, is kinda odd?).

Frivolous? Hell yes. But you should see the smile on my face!

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I am…

… working on a WordPress theme and finding it both easier than I thought, at times, and decidely harder than it should be, at times. My design-fu is failing me.

… looking for an instrumental version of “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler in MP3 format. Ideally it’d be the version from Shrek 2 to which Jennifer Saunders sings along with.

… glad that today I have remembered my mobile phone. I don’t use the damn thing that often but it is comforting to have it.

… feeling bad that I didn’t go out for a run last night.

… wondering if the girl who sat beside me on the train this morning realised that her lacy gold knickers and most of her arse were visible everytime she bent over to get another item of makeup from her bag.

… pleased that our mortgage application may be processed quicker than we thought.

… not so pleased at how much it is costing us (although it’ll only take two months to make that money back).

… waiting on a phone call from a journalist to ask about women bloggers. No I don’t know why *I* am the person to ask!

… feeling a little guilty for spending a small amount very VERY frivolously, more on that later.

… trying to figure out if those extra three cups of coffee yesterday were responsible for keeping me awake until 2a.m. this morning. I’ve been trying to cut down and have little more than one or two a day at the moment. So I think it’s a safe bet, especially as the last cup was around 8.30p.m.

… sure that this style of posting is a direct consequence of the above.

… not as funny as I think.

… bored with this now, might post more later.

So, what are you?

Logo required

I’ve longed toyed with the idea of having a logo for this site, something that will represent this silly little space in some way or another. I’d prefer something as simple as the Daring Fireball star, the Snook circle, or the Zeratsky squares but I’m stumped.

Whilst I do like the current favicon (the Super G), it’s a little ostentatious and won’t ever really sit with either this design or the next (yes, it’s underway already).

Suggestions welcomed.

The Bothy

Dinner last night, and the giving of gift (should have been gifts but still waiting on second part to arrive). We had a table booked at The Bothy and as it is part of the G1 Group we were assured of a good experience.

Located in Ruthven Lane, just off Byers Road, it’s a nicely outfitted, quiet restaurant, and doesn’t thrust the inevitable Scottishness in your face. Given the name, the menu is largely focussed on Scottish ingredients and yes, waiters and waitresses were outfitted in tartan. But don’t let that put you off.

This is not a ‘Scotfest’ experience, but a hat tip to the history and location of the restaurant.

Food-wise there are some neat takes on more traditional meals to be found, and everything that arrived at the table was nicely presented. I would probably put this restaurant in the ‘dependable’ category as I doubt you’d have a bad meal here, but equally nothing really leaped out either from the menu or from the choices made.

Still, it wasn’t about the restaurant and we had a good time in great company &emdash; which was the most important thing!

Happy Birthday

Mumsy is mmrrfllthh mumbble years old, Happy Birthday Mumsy!

We are meeting my family in Glasgow at The Bothy restaurant for dinner, which is ideal as we’ve had a long lazy day pottering around the house and neither of us can be bothered cooking.

On Perth

Home again, home again.

Two days in Perth and the surrounding area have passed, and we are home in damp, dreich Hamilton. It’s good to be home, but the food just isn’t quite the same… more on that later.

First to Pitlochry!
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