Out for a jog again last night, and the difference in pace within the group is starting to tell. A few of us ended up quite far out in front and ended up turning back… only to end up way out in front again. My new shoes are definitely making a difference though, not a…Continue reading Currently…


Parents look away now. (bet they don’t) Meg admits to ‘learning about alcohol‘ when she was in her teens, and I thought it about time that I come clean as well. My first illicit experience with alcohol — other than a shandy or two with my parents agreement — was at the tender age of…Continue reading Hic!


Where to start? How about Friday evening? In fact, how about Friday afternoon. As I had a half-day I took the opportunity to head to Achilles Heel, a running shop on Great Western Road, where Steven fitted me for my first pair of proper running shoes. If you are shopping for anything that can be…Continue reading Weekender

The Highest Tide

The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch The best books are free (although it’s only £4 on Amazon at the moment, click the link above) and after finishing the Nick Hornby I was casting around for another read when my Mum handed me this. The debut novel for Jim Lynch and not a bad one. Miles…Continue reading The Highest Tide

A long way down

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby I’ve always enjoyed reading Nick Hornby books. By and large they are easy to read and I guess are considered ‘light reading’ by many. Regardless, his characterisation is usually spot on and in this book — the story of four strangers who meet by chance on the roof…Continue reading A long way down

Dumbing Down

I have no idea which part of my brain starts these thoughts but sometimes I wish it would stop. The following is the result of a lot of hypothetical reasoning and is probably completely tosh. But if I don’t write this down I’ll go mental. Recently there has been a recurring thought rattling about in…Continue reading Dumbing Down

Product Marketing

So, what do you do, as a blogger with ethics, when a company write to you to promote their product? Well, first of all you check out the product. Now, according to Sharon Dupont who contacted me, the product in question: provide[s] a simple Web 2.0 service that allows bloggers to include syndication feeds, like…Continue reading Product Marketing