Three days off

Stumbling for my slumber, I plod downstairs, idly stuff a chunk of fudge into my mouth whilst reading the note left for me. Darling, Please hang up the washing, and put the box of photos back in the loft. Please. Ta Luv ya. L xx Ahh yes, it’s the high life for me. Day one…Continue reading Three days off

12 + 12 = 24

Thank fuck I’m on holiday for the rest of the week. Two 12 hour days and I’m done in. So it was great to come home tonight and find a parcel of goodies waiting for me, specifically some yummy fudge (VERY yummy) and some salt water taffy! Now, I’ll happily admit that my only experience…Continue reading 12 + 12 = 24

Random thoughts

How big are your feet? Are they bigger now than they were a couple of years ago? Mine seem to be having just bought a pair of size 11 trainers at the weekend. I’m normally a size 10. Odd. Passion fruit, nice but ultimately kind of annoying. Tasty, but the seeds get in the way.…Continue reading Random thoughts

What the BEEEP!

Up and out this morning, a little stiff after my run last night, but feeling good. A few random purchases later – all sale items, including a long sleeved running top for £15 (Ron Hill no less), and a new pair of trainers (to replace the pair I bought some six years ago) – we…Continue reading What the BEEEP!


Those words, writ large on an A4 notepad, have been shown to me three times this afternoon. Now, I realise that we are reaching that point in the project where tempers get a little ‘stretched’ and that, at such times, we tend to resort to some fairly black humour, but surely that is going a…Continue reading GORDON MUST DIE!

Black Ink Only

Ohh the wonder, the unbridled joy that is filling in a mortgage application. For starters I’m having to fill in a paper form, PAPER AND PEN, and with it being a joint mortgage I’m having to fill in everything twice. Sort of… You see the real bug bear with these things, is the lack of…Continue reading Black Ink Only

BBC News

I WAS going to write about the article on Jacqueline Gold and discuss whether her Ann Summers shops were adding to the objectification of women, or whether they were helping women become more confident, empowered and… something else that fits the feminist checklist. I WAS going to write about whether being normal was a good…Continue reading BBC News