Bye bye TOTP

We hadn’t planned to watch it but we happened to flick past just as the show started and sat there, engrossed, for the entire hour. I occasionally put up with Steve wossisname if I stumble across TOTP2 as I like the mix of music, and the last ever Top of the Pops felt a bit…Continue reading Bye bye TOTP

A question

We’ve got a busy weekend planned so this’ll likely remain here until Sunday night. If you have a day off work and wake up at, say, 5.45 a.m. what’s the first thing that you think of?

Flock this

The name of this site —Informationally Overloaded— isn’t just a witty title. Firstly, it’s not that witty, and secondly it’s becoming increasingly true for many people. There are two things you can do to counteract the growing feeling of “I must be missing something” that I’m sure some of you can identify with: Turn off…Continue reading Flock this


I’m working at home today and as I was up early I took my first coffee of the morning out into the garden. I sat there in quite contemplation, watching the baby birds flit from tree to tree, enjoying the morning breeze as it gently buffeted the willow and teased the bamboo. Our back garden…Continue reading Gardening


Attempting to read Naked Lunch. Struggling. Whilst there is some gorgeously grotesque imagery and I don’t mind the clipped language, it’s all a bit.. well.. rambling. I can’t get a fix (!) on anything as it veers all over the bloody place, and that’s after 100 pages or so. Will persevere but not for much…Continue reading Snippets

Power Track Chosen

First up, thanks to everyone for the great response, it’s very much appreciated. As I said, the best suggested “Power Track” will win a CD of the following playlist (plus a few other tracks that I’ve already picked myself). Picking tracks for someone else to run to is tricky as everyone runs at a different…Continue reading Power Track Chosen

Mind the paint

A few changes going on, nothing major but I’ve been itching to redesign recently but don’t really have the time. Ohh and if you are reading this via my RSS feed… don’t worry, you ain’t missing much. Hmmm… not sure I like that font for the “” bit up top… ho hum..

Note to self

Do not blog when grumpy. Mind you, it’s always refreshing to just say what is on your mind. Even if what is on your mind is transitory and not exactly what you’d call a considered opinion. I don’t normally do that, either here or in real life. That is my failing of course, and nowt…Continue reading Note to self

A brief interlude

What I WANT to write: Because I’m hot, tired and fucking grumpy. I’ve mentioned this before, I’m sure, but what is with the ‘bash brigade’? Some things are popular for a reason. You aren’t expected to like it but it doesn’t make you smart, or clever, or even much fun if all you seem to…Continue reading A brief interlude

(WIN) Music to run by

UPDATE: Great stuff so far, I’ve started pulling the playlist together so thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Keep them coming though, there is still time to win! With everything that’s going on at the moment I have to admit that the jogging thing is keeping me focussed and reasonably sane, but then that’s part…Continue reading (WIN) Music to run by