Switching Vista?

I love apples. Crunchy, sweet and delicious. I love Apples too. Whilst not crunchy or sweet they certainly, usually, look delicious and to all extents and purposes I’m certain that, if I were to buy an Apple Mac computer, it would do everything I need it to do and it may even be easier to…Continue reading Switching Vista?

Google Cache

Peter recently fell foul of some Blogger shenanigans and managed to lose a post that had already been published. Seems to be happening to quite a few people, so I thought I’d post the “secret” I used to help him out in the hope that someone else finds it useful. Now this is very time…Continue reading Google Cache

Friday This and That

I watch BBC News in the morning and I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the “plug an upcoming BBC show” section. This morning it was about school reports as, apparently (I wasn’t really paying that much attention) the BBC will be a broadcasting a programme about this tonight. So, instead of catching up on world events…Continue reading Friday This and That

Getting a grip

Whisper it … I seem to be managing to keep quite a good work/play balance at the moment. Day-job wise, we have an end of March deadline at work to hit and it’s gonna be tight (but do-able). Side-job wise I’m throwing together a design for the POTW site, waiting to hear back from someone…Continue reading Getting a grip

Printing woes

My google-fu is failing me, next stop is Ask Mefi but I thought I’d give you lot the chance to impress… We have a Lexmark Z55 printer, came with the PC and has served us well for our meagre printing needs. Until now, of course, as Louise needs it to print some inserts for some…Continue reading Printing woes

20 Tracks Meme

Blame Armin, even if he has the cheek to ‘tag’ people despite avoiding most of the questions himself! Put a bit of effort in man! 1. A track from your early childhood Save All Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood of Man. They wore dungarees. I wore dungarees, although mine were a homage to Oor…Continue reading 20 Tracks Meme

Discussing Design

Sometimes I start writing a post with no idea where it will head. What follows is a bit of a meandering waffle… Recently I asked for some suggestions for content (which I duly ignored, sorry about that). The still-blogless Donalda suggested: Every so often you do a “here is what my site looked like in…Continue reading Discussing Design