Stuck in draft

Patiently they sit, biding their time. Eager for limelight and growing nervous. What if they pass unnoticed? As the slow trickle of sand reaches an end some of them wonder if they have already missed their opportunity and, if so, what then? In past times they were given a new life under a different guise,…Continue reading Stuck in draft


A stop/start weekend. Saturday saw us heading into Hamilton for some more supplies for Louise, a quick jaunt out to MacArthur Glen shopping outlet (more supplies for Louise) and then racing through to Dumbarton in an effort to beat the traffic that was sure to build up for the Cup Final on… um… Sunday. Thankfully…Continue reading Weekender


The Guinness Surger sounds a bit like a bad American car but it’s actually a clever wee ultrasonic widget. Plug it in, add a spot of water to the base, sit a glass of cold, freshly poured, Guinness atop and WHOOOSH (check the video on the page). I have to admit that I could happily…Continue reading Whoosh

Damned lies

A boring post about website statistics follows. Feel free to scroll on down to the next post which may, or may not be more entertaining. What? You want a LINK to the next post? You lazy bugger… Last month (or was it the month before?) I asked you for recommendations for a new stats package…Continue reading Damned lies

Mixed message

Aretha caresses my ear as the headlines leap off the page and stab my eye. News of a Home Office campaign to warn men that “having sex without consent could lead to a prison sentence” is launched today. I didn’t think that was something new, but it turns out it’s more to do with raising…Continue reading Mixed message


I’m an avid reader of Ian Rankin’s Rebus books but, for some reason, I missed the publication of his latest paperback Fleshmarket Close. So, last week, after a quick check on the interweb I spotted it on Amazon with £3 off. Excellent. Ordered. It arrived at work today. All good so far. However, based on…Continue reading Books

Hard to ttyppe

They were working on the power supply in our office over the weeekend. Which means the heating has been offf all weekend. Which means the office is verry cold. I have hat and scarf on and finding it hard to tyype wearing glovess.


A quick jaunt through to Dumbarton on Saturday, lunch with parents, and home just after three. Disappointed by the rugby but still proud. We locked the door, opened a bottle of wine, to go with the pie, chips, and beans we had for dinner, we’re nothing if not classy, and settled down to watch Man…Continue reading Weekender