Blimey, it’s almost cold enough to freeze the testicles off a monkey made from a copper and zinc alloy! Anyway, my fingers are just about warm enough to type so I have a question. How long should I wait for payment before re-listing an item on eBay? The bidding ended 5 days ago, and I’ve…Continue reading Patience?


Blimey, it’s almost over ALREADY! A few beers on Friday night, and after dragging myself away from the pub I came home to find the remnants of a curry Louise had ordered, bonus! Admittedly after a few pints of Guinness and a spot of curry, Saturday was a little… windy. Thankfully by the time Saturday…Continue reading Weekender

iTunes Meme

Meme alert. Yes, always a sure sign that I’m too busy to be bothered actually putting some effort into posting here, it’s meme time. This one was stolen from Neil and has scared me a little, particularly the first set of stats. Who the hell needs that many tracks?* How many total songs? 11,937 songs,…Continue reading iTunes Meme

4 Things

When in doubt, meme! (or in other words, I’ve been tagged by Ben at Binary Moon). Four jobs that I’ve had Training Squad – McDonalds Technical Author – Dr.Solomons (McAfee) Documentation Specialist – Tetra (Sage Group) Technical Communications Manager (now Senior Tech Author) – current employer Four movies I can watch over and over Groundhog…Continue reading 4 Things


Is it rude to phone an establishment you’ve emailed and ask them to check their email? What’s the point of having a website and an email address if you don’t check them and respond to potential customers?! Eh!! A question. Whilst driving to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law today I was bullied out…Continue reading Miscellany


Recently, Adrian of Sevitz admitted to spending a lot of money getting his hair and nails done and it got me thinking. Now, I’m the type of guy who still visits a barber, refuses to pay more than £10 for a haircut – my last haircut cost £6 instead of £8 because “let’s be honest…Continue reading Grooming

Meet the author

(and several other far more interesting people) February 18th, the Jolly Judge pub in Edinburgh, anytime after 2pm (full details). Just thought I’d mention it here lest anyone miss it, and yes I’ve emailed everyone who has attend previous blogmeets. At least I think I did… Anyway, be there or be the product of a…Continue reading Meet the author