Ho ho … meh

This week has flown in (…what an odd phrase that is. From where, pray tell, has the week arrived and couldn’t it have walked or cycled or something?), I can barely believe that it’s Thursday today and tomorrow heralds the auspicious event that is our company night out. The US-based staff have been flown in,…Continue reading Ho ho … meh

Help me get drunk

My first ever drink in a pub (the same pub I celebrated my 18th birthday in after drinking there for about a year…) was a pint of “heavy” (80 shilling) and that remained my tipple of choice for many years, bar the occasional Newcastle Brown or a lager on warmer days. Ohh and for the…Continue reading Help me get drunk


Hello? HELLO!! Sorry, my ears are still ringing. Fuck me, that band are loud. They are also quiet when needed, funny, engaging, and very energetic. And that’s just the front man. More to come, but first…. Ranty bit Rock Steady security. What a jumped up bunch of oiks they are. In the queue at the…Continue reading Everlong

Live music

It’s getting close to the end of the year and the first ‘best of’ lists have begun to surface. I’m a huge fan of such lists because of my constant belief that I’ve missed some cultural zeitgeist or other, so much so that I am currently running about a year behind everyone else in a…Continue reading Live music

Prison Blog

I received an email, to Scottish Blogs, the other day asking for some help with a fairly unique blog. If you are interested let me know and I’ll pass on your details: I am going to prison on 20th dec to continue a sentence for a road traffic offence, I expect to be there for…Continue reading Prison Blog


What is it about this time of year that causes so much stress? Is it the incessant commercialism? The shops crowded with ignorant and stupid people, all bustling around with nary a mind for anyone else, laden with bags full of lead that careen off my kneecaps at regular intervals. Or maybe it’s more to…Continue reading Resolute

Best Spam Ever?

OK, this is a little long but for once it’s not complete jibberish or a request for money, nor will my penis grow larger and I won’t become rich overnight. No no, this spam is about vampires. Yes. Vampires. Apparently there is a group (collective term anyone?) of vampires hanging around in Tottenham. Google suggests…Continue reading Best Spam Ever?

Ho Ho Ho

Why is it that, when you are completely physically exhausted, your brain refuses to shut down and let you go to sleep? Is it just me? A day spent up and down ladders, moving large heavy boxes. A day of construction, organising, tidying, moving, considering, discussing, trying, replacing, tweaking, finishing off. A day spent wondering…Continue reading Ho Ho Ho