Sweaty Little Man

“I started doing physical comedy, because I was like a moving target. You know what British audiences are like – ‘he’s shit, kill him!’ My upbringing taught me to keep moving” Lee Evans tonight. Can’t wait. Expecting sore sides tomorrow.

Remember me

Dear people who write software programs, I’m not an unreasonable man, and I understand that software mirrors life in that there are always restrictions, things you just can’t do. I know that there are other people beside me whose needs you are trying to cater for and that their requirements are as valid as mine.…Continue reading Remember me


Whoooooosh There goes the weekend! Saturday morning and we hit Hamilton town centre early. I headed to the shops, Louise headed to Cafe Crema to meet Louise (who she used to work with and who I use to enjoy flirting with on the phone every lunchtime). Home again by noon for a bite of lunch,…Continue reading Weekender


Unbeknownst to you, dearest reader, I’ve lost over a stone in the past couple of months. I started at just over 18stone, and I now tickle the scales at considerably more svelte 16st 10lbs. I’ve been weighing myself regularly and have consistently lost at least 2lbs every week. But not this week. The fact that…Continue reading Disappearing


There is one simple rule by which I, and you, can live life. “It’s never finished”. Now, I could either get all philosophical on you (almost said “on yo ass” there…) or I could just say that I’m still not 100% happy with the banner (the very top bit) of this site. Energy levels dictate…Continue reading Finished?

Silly women

Honestly, you women. Running around, daring to be happy and comfortable in your sexuality, wearing flattering clothes and flirting, yes FLIRTING, with members of the opposite sex. It’s ridiculous, but tolerable. The limit is reached when you start drinking though. Honestly. You can’t have everything, that’s just greedy. Yes? No? I’m gobsmacked at the news…Continue reading Silly women