In Memoriam

I stop myself using the phrase “my mother-in-law” because it comes with many negative connotations. You know the jokes, about how awful she is, but in truth I loved my wife’s mother like my own. She accepted me into the heart of her family, and it was a great shock when she left us so…Continue reading In Memoriam

City of the Dead

Back, bedraggled and very very damp. However us Scots are made of hardier stuff and didn’t let a few gallons of water put us off (not sure about the two Italian tourists though), so after a nice dinner of mince and tatties at Cafe Gandolfi, the McLean family (sadly minus Louise who has hurt her…Continue reading City of the Dead

A post about stuff

Last week was a struggle, this week and the blogging vista has opened up before me and lain all and any subject placid at my feet. My gaze falters across the landscape, flickering from topic to topic, each one as intriguing as the next. Bugger that though, here’s a some quick thoughts on a variety…Continue reading A post about stuff

The Go! Team

I’m definitely getting old as my ears are still lightly ringing after a fantastic gig last night. Met up with Sudhesh for a drink beforehand, and Alex joined us in the queue. As we entered the first support act was on, didn’t catch the name. One guy, some samples and beats… he was from Bristol..…Continue reading The Go! Team

Less is not more

I posted the following in response to this thread, it’s primarily “desktop design” focussed but I wanted to post it here. This decision may or may not have something to do with the fact I’m still “stuck” and too busy to come up with anything original. Sorry. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to…Continue reading Less is not more

Get a grip

“Good grip!” Isn’t it funny how the mind works, how seemingly trivial everyday comments open a little trapdoor in your brain allowing those little mental connections to trickle out. Take the title of this post as an example. Ring any bells for anyone? The first line is what my brain conjured up, can you name…Continue reading Get a grip

Wood for trees

Despite having far too many draft posts lying unfinished, and with my focus still elsewhere – finishing a long overdue website, writing up design thoughts for another, battling the demons of IE box model hacks, not to mention that thing that pays the bills – I find myself casting around for something to write about.…Continue reading Wood for trees


Imagine if all major retailers started making their own condoms and kept the same tag-line… Sainsbury condoms – Making life taste better. Tesco condoms – Every little helps. Nike condoms – Just do it. Peugeot condoms – The ride of your life. Galaxy condoms – Why have rubber when you can have silk. KFC condoms…Continue reading Condoms

A subtle hint

A while back I mentioned, in passing, that I’d lost a little weight. Since then things have stalled a little and whilst I’ve not put any back on (my usual habit) I’ve not lost any more, but this week it’s back to the grind, watching the intake and burning some calories off. Doubly so now.…Continue reading A subtle hint