It was my Mum’s birthday on Saturday and thankfully it was a lovely day so the 20-odd people that turned up at the house could sit outside and enjoy the weather almost as much as each other’s company… or more… you can never tell. We went to the Ubiquitous Chip for dinner, recommended, and after…Continue reading Weekender


It’s awful, watching the events unfold, but it’s twice as bad watching humanity descend to the level it has in the past few days. The devastation Katrina has delivered is beyond anything I can properly imagine as, thankfully, I’ve never been near a hurricane of any magnitude or pretty much any kind of natural disaster…Continue reading Katrina


How often do you read what you write? I don’t mean a quick edit/check, I mean really reading and considering what you wrote? The reason I ask is that whilst I’m still plugging through the archives – adding titles and categories – I’ve been pausing to read some of my older entries. Funny how you…Continue reading Question


Some bits and bobs from my life in the past week. Got my cholesterol checked after my Dad’s heart attack, expecting it to be high (was 7.summat a couple of years), and was quite surprised to hear that it’s now 4.9 (and yes, I got them to double check they had the right set of…Continue reading Introspective