It's a girl

Congrats to our HR/Office Manager Lynn who’s just given birth to 8lbs of baby goodness, Robyn. Which reminds me of a funny story. In my distant past I used to help out at the local Hospital Radio station (must get that site updated…) on the request show. It’s a fairly simple setup, you wander round…Continue reading It's a girl

Time flies

Met up with an ex-colleague last night for some drinks and can’t believe it’s been over a year since she headed off to Australia. In fact it turned into a bit of a re-union with Kirsten, Lesley Lindsay and Lelly all showing up as well. Half of last night’s company used to work for “the…Continue reading Time flies

Fast Forward

It’s Sept 2006 and Steve Jobs launches the new iPhone after succesfully testing iTunes in a mobile phone (Rokr) and a new “phone size” iPod (Nano) … No? Note: I’m only posting this as I’ve had similar thoughts in the past but have not been able to point back at a post and say “See!!…Continue reading Fast Forward

Mercury Music

Yay! Managed to catch the award show for the Mercury Music Prize this year and it wasn’t half bad. Firstly I’m SOOOOOO glad that Antony & the Johnsons won it as it is easily the most original album I’ve heard for a long time (well since the middle of August at least) and I’m equally…Continue reading Mercury Music

Start Over

Right, where were we? Ohh yes, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is still reverberating and is proving surprisingly long in the tooth. Bombarded by images both from the media and from “real people” via internet, we watch and absorb and wonder if we are the only ones who can see the political spinmeisters hard at…Continue reading Start Over

Leaving Home

Leaving Home by Garrison Keillor It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. So starts each chapter of this wonderful collection of stories, and the essence of the collection is fully contained in that one simple sentence as it is an entire book of quiet happenings and everyday occurances. The stories are all set…Continue reading Leaving Home