A while back, Vaughan mentioned the most beautiful rainbow he’d ever seen. I commented at the time and always meant to expand on my thoughts here. But how do you discuss something that is entirely subjective? What is beautiful to me may seem whimsical or down right soppy to you, not to mention that beauty…Continue reading Beautiful

Slow Motion

Slow Motion: A Memoir by Dani Shapiro I bought this book in the local charity shop, solely based on a few paragraphs and a stylish cover (not the one that Amazon have), I’ve been reading it on the way home from work on the train, and have to admit I’m surprised to have quite liked…Continue reading Slow Motion

Making Money

The geezer with the numbers tells us there are only 100 days until Christmas. I knew this because I live with the original “Crimbo nutter”. She has a countdown printed off and stuck up on her wall at work. She made it up a month ago. Anyway, 100 days until the big glittery, sparkling day…Continue reading Making Money


Apparently they are only with us for six weeks. Unfortunately I’m not sure when that six week period began, but either way, get yourself to a BP garage (other outlets may sell them too) and purchase yourself one of these delicious “blasts from the past”. Yum Yes, they are every bit as good as they…Continue reading Yeehhaaaaaa


Anyone used Upcoming? The end of the year is already starting to fill up, with concerts, birthdays and whatnot. So far (and I’m missing some birthdays off here): 24th Sept – Will and Fran’s Wedding Reception 29th Sept – Dad’s Birthday 1st Oct – Glasgow Blogmeet 8th Oct – The Go! Team at QMU 10th…Continue reading Upcoming

iPod Nano

Our current (now “old) iPod is a 3G model. It holds 10GB of music, and is quite large and chunky. It’s not TOO big by any account and it does what it does well enough. The iPod Photo is nice as it has a colour screen but I don’t see me ever wanting to carry…Continue reading iPod Nano


What’s funny and what’s offensive? The Aristocrats documentary falls short of any insight into the dividing line, although it’s universally acknowledged that the line is there and can be stepped over very easily, in fact there were two definite “not comfortable with this moments” in the documentary itself: One was a comedian telling his version…Continue reading Offended

The Aristocrats

Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic The Aristocrats of the title are the closing line of a joke, a family act that feature in a joke so disgustingly offensive comedians rarely tell it in public, or at least that’s partly why. The beauty of the joke is that the “act” can be swapped…Continue reading The Aristocrats