Friday has zipped past me leaving me trailing in it’s wake. Yet, as I sit here contemplating the evening ahead, I find myself contemplating a burning orangey pink sunset. Gorgeous. Anyway, I WAS going to comment on various things today, so excuse me whilst I take a quick dash through the headlines. 40 years for…Continue reading Whoosh

Getting Organised

Bookmarks dotted about all over the place. A del.ico.us account that rarely gets used. Various clever Firefox extensions. My miniblog. My custom start page. My blogroll(s). Bloglines. The sites I “use”, the sites I visit, the useful sites, the information sites, so many sites, so much information and so many ways of filtering and accessing…Continue reading Getting Organised


Still recovering from the weekend, a sure sign that I’m getting older as a hangover now takes two or more days to recede. Slept in for work this morning but thankfully it’s a bank holiday in Scotland today so the roads and train were quiet. Unfortunately it means the sandwich shop at the top of…Continue reading Yawn


Friday evening. A few beers with my mates, and a great night that was only spoiled by a pint of “flowery” beer (Deuchars I believe). Celeb spotted Donnie Munro in Babbity Bowsters (where I’ll be this coming weekend for the Glasgow blogmeet – 2pm people!), had mince and lorne sausage stovies in Cafe Source –…Continue reading Weekender

Central Perk

We’re attending the wedding reception of a couple of good friends tomorrow night, and we’re both thoroughly looking forward to it, I even have a wee ‘rehearsal’ this evening. It’s always good to catchup with friends, and I just know that we’ll come away on Sunday morning saying “why don’t we get together more often”.…Continue reading Central Perk

Ohh a navel!

Does blogging about your own site count as navel-gazing? Anyhoo… you may have noticed that the entries in the miniblog are getting longer. If you haven’t noticed let me state that “the entries in the miniblog are getting longer”.It started unconsciously but as with most things the habits we form and the way we use…Continue reading Ohh a navel!

Rubber service

I’ve just witnessed a blatant display of sexism, it’s quite shocking when you see these things up close, especially as, being a middle-aged middle-class white male, there are few “-isms” that can be used against me (for isn’t that the true definition of an -ism, an aspect of yourself that others use against you??) and…Continue reading Rubber service


Oh yes, hello, forgot about you there for a minute. Terribly sorry, awful way to treat you I know, I know. You see I’m quite busy at the moment, yes yes I know that EVERYONE is “quite busy” and busy is a very relative term but I truly am… sort of… Thing is it’s not…Continue reading Sidetracked