Stop thief!

Jason Kottke recently posted a link to this article which discusses the practise of “word theft”. Apparently “It was an old tradition in encyclopedias to put in a fake entry to protect your copyright”. It reminded me of something very similar from my time at Dr.Solomons (the anti-virus people). We had a “virus encyclopedia” on…Continue reading Stop thief!

Radio Ga-Ga

I don’t listen to the radio much. It’s the inane rambling you see, drives me potty. I don’t listen to podcasts much. It’s the inane rambling you see… For the most part that is, I have listened to a few podcasts that I’ve enjoyed, mainly topical ‘casts (why do we have the “pod” bit? it’s…Continue reading Radio Ga-Ga


Howling wind – check Driving rain – check thinks: How does rain drive? Surely it’s “driven rain” ? Just about chilly enough to have the heating on – check thinks: what the chuff is this? it’s August, not the arse end of September! Kettle full – check Two books to read – check Footie on…Continue reading Confirmation

An open road

Whilst we have a few tasks to complete, the majority of the weekend stretches away into the distance, with nary a pit-stop in sight. Will we use the time constructively? Or succumb to the charms of the “lazy-ass” Sunday? Today we hit IKEA in the a.m., purchase a new lighting fit for the kitchen (to…Continue reading An open road

You can tell..

… it’s Friday afternoon when talk turns to what functionality a “who’s turn is it to make the tea” .Net app would have. So far we have something that would send an email or MSN message to the next person in the rota, still arguing about the ideal amount of time between the rounds of…Continue reading You can tell..


Sidenote: I still use blogrolling (can’t find an alternative with the same options – anyone?). If there is no list of sites here it’s because blogrolling is down and as it’s been yo-yo-ing for the past couple of days then it’s probably more likely than not. On Monday I asked for some suggestions of sites…Continue reading Auditioning

MySQL Help

OK, techie request time people. Those of a non-technical, anti-acronym mindset should look away now. I think I’m getting hacked. Well not here, Scottish Blogs. The Scottish Blogs site uses a MySQL database to store the member details. The submission form calls a separate PHP page which does a little checking (to make sure duplicate…Continue reading MySQL Help


Another early start this morning, as the in-laws are heading back to Spain. Picked up their car – they bought a G reg Golf for £150 to keep here in the UK – at the airport and promptly got stuck on the M8. I now know that there had been a car crash but the…Continue reading Bleary