Blogger bug fixed

So it seems that Blogger have a solution for their recently introduced layout problems. Log in to Blogger. On the dashboard, select your blog. Select the Settings tab. Select the Formatting option. Scroll down and set Enable float alignment to No. This will stop Blogger adding those nasty <div clear:both> tags. Everything is explained in…Continue reading Blogger bug fixed


Well done Canada and Spain. ~ That other site I run has just hit a landmark, 300 members. Wow. It’s been a fun couple of years and I’m hoping the next couple will be even better (irons in fire, etc etc). ~ Now, I have to admit I feel slightly guilty* when I go on…Continue reading Snippets

Yen Rotunda

Off to dinner at Yen Rotunda, a yen oriental & teppanyaki restaurant, where 20 or so of us will be dining in the teppanyaki section. It’s my first time in that restaurant and my first time experiencing teppanyaki and I’m quite looking forward to it. The fact that the company is stumping up the lion…Continue reading Yen Rotunda


So on Friday we head for sunny Torquay, the place where the world’s most famous mystery writer, Agatha Christie, was born in 1890. Torquay as we know it dates back to the end of the 18th Century, with the source of the name still offering some confusion. It’s either the “little harbour” (Torre Quay) or…Continue reading Torquay

Referrer Spam

Well it looks like the buggers are at it again. Anyone else getting huge numbers of referrer links from the likes of: potassium-rich-foods DOT ipupdater DOT com topamax-side-effects DOT ipupdater DOT com ambien-side-effects DOT ipupdater DOT us And will someone PLEASE tell me what they are trying to achieve with this? Is someone actually paying…Continue reading Referrer Spam


Remember to download Beethoven’s 6th Symphony (Pastoral) from the Beeb today. Thankfully I’ll be able to get them all before we go on holiday. Symphonies 7, 8, 9 are released over the coming days. ~ Blogger have admitted, as suspected, that they added some code to support their new offering of “Blogger Images”. They do…Continue reading Snippets


Dragged the suitcases down from the loft last night and started compiling lists of things to be taken on holiday. Clothes, towels, toiletries, books, shoes, camera, various electrical chargers, and… well that’s the thing. I keep thinking we’ve forgotten something, I’ve got travel directions, booking confirmation codes, AA membership (which I thought had lapsed but…Continue reading Planning

This and that

Blogger is being an arse. As zoe recently found out they’ve started adding extra code to each post, thereby screwing up her site and (for a short while last night) my miniblog. So until they sort it out the miniblog is on hiatus. UPDATE: Fixed zoe’s site thanks to this forum post. Will look at…Continue reading This and that