Soul of a Butterfly

The Soul of a Butterfly by Muhammad Ali. I know I’m not alone in my admiration of this man, and I know that that admiration may be flawed but when you begin to understand what he has been through in his life, Parkinson’s aside, he becomes all the more remarkable. I don’t share his religious/spiritual…Continue reading Soul of a Butterfly


Some people say that bloggers whine and moan a lot. That they are self-absorbed and lack certain characteristics. Some even say that we only respond to instant gratification and have shortened attention spans. I wonder if anyone else is bothered about the future?


*grumble* work… deadlines… changes… pressure… ANYWAY… What say I get rid of the blogroll and go to one column on the left there. The site links under the photos and the miniblog under that.. hell I could even leave the blogroll to appear under the miniblog I guess. And what say I freshen up the…Continue reading Avoidance


Beck – Guero @ Beck’s new album is a return to his Odelay days and it’s much the better for it. Kicking off with the nicely distorted guitar of E-Pro the influence of the Dust Brothers production is evident as it slides through the next track and onto the latin guitar of Missing. As…Continue reading Guero


So I bought an item on eBay. I won the auction four weeks ago. I still don’t have the item. However I have exchanged several emails from the seller and he assures me that he sent it, and from what he’s said I believe him. Or am I too trusting? It wasn’t expensive so this…Continue reading Morality


This week I will mostly be working like a person who has several project deadlines fast approaching. Next week I will mostly be working like a person who has several project deadlines looming that week. Expect some very disjointed ramblings then as typically, whilst I actually enjoy working to deadline (helps keep me focussed), I…Continue reading Ahoy!


Gran is getting home today, and will be getting 7 day a week care from until such times a space in a nursing home opens up. My Mum has contacted one in Dumbarton which will be a lot handier for my Mum and her brother. Unfortunately my Gran has been diagnosed as an MRSA carrier.…Continue reading Quiet

Spell "Ego"

I have a shockingly bad memory. Fact. It’s one of the main reasons I married Louise as she remembers everything. Frequently she’ll turn to me and say “today is [insert obscure person she went to school with and hasn’t seen for 20 years] birthday” to which my only reply is to murmur “ohhh” and shake…Continue reading Spell "Ego"


Let’s put that nonsense to one side, shall we? Back to the matters at hand. Has the Pope died yet? ~ News on my Gran – it’s looking like she’ll get home tomorrow with a three week care package in place. The idea being that this gives time to arrange the next step, presumably into…Continue reading Anyway…

No spaghetti tree

Er… April Fool? Gosh, talk about backfiring. I guess, given recent circumstances this wasn’t in the best of taste, but hey, it IS April 1st (confused? I had this page showing earlier). This feels very like one of those moments at a party when silence crashes in and everyone turns to stare at the idiot…Continue reading No spaghetti tree