I’ve often pondered if there were any way I could make money from this silly little hobby. That pondering has been doubly deepened recently given that my wife’s hobby (“occasions” card making) is now bringing in a little cash each month and that kerfuffle about Mr.Kottke quitting his job to blog has got me a-pondering…Continue reading Topol

Wade In

Awful news over at Fuddland although I’m sure that statistically he was one of many that got mugged on Saturday night (on re-reading this sentence, it may sound like I’m belittling what David went through, I’m not). Stick that in your election fever “we’ll have more police on the streets” pipe and smoke it. I’ve…Continue reading Wade In

Fight Club

In the midst of this movie the core message is delivered by the central character (or central character once removed if you like): God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t…Continue reading Fight Club

Light Drizzzzle

Ick. What a horrible day. Solid grey sky, walls of drizzle, faded light. Mind you, it might just be that the office windows need cleaned. ~ Is it acknowledgement or acknowledgment? ~ My nephew has gotten himself a tattoo. A large tattoo which reaches down his upper arm to below short sleeve level (just). It…Continue reading Light Drizzzzle


Kaiser Chiefs – Employment @ I’m at a loss. If this is one of the ‘bands of the year’ then 2005 is going to be pretty lean and full of bands that sound like they’ve been around for ages. Super Furry Animals is the easy comparison, and whilst the leap to the Kinks isn’t…Continue reading Employment


I swear I can hear it laughing. Honestly, if you keep really still and hold your breath you’ll be able to hear it as well. Just a slight tinkling, not so loud as to draw attention but enough that I know it’s doing it. “Ha ha ha” it says. “All those Saturday mornings, cycling with…Continue reading Sparky

Internal Thumping

Most nights, just as I’m dropping off to sleep, I “hear” a loud thump. It happens fairly regularly and usually manages to scare the bejesus out of me. The first few times ended up with me wandering the house trying to find out what had fallen over. It’s most odd. The closest thing I can…Continue reading Internal Thumping

Random Alley

Rainlendar – Having to check your calendar to confirm the day of the week isn’t a good thing. SuperNanny – could be addictive, and yes I AM slightly aroused by her “suit and glasses” look in a “I’ve been a bad boy miss” kinda way. Barbelith – Subcultural engagement for the 21st Century and chock…Continue reading Random Alley


Hello? Is this on? Small blip there, apologies. I presume I missed a memo somewhere as it was definitely a server issue that affected a few other sites or was this one of those things I was emailed about months ago and have since forgotten? Most probably the latter so apologies again for the lack…Continue reading Hoisin