Month: March 2005


Bank Holiday, still no sign of my pay. Feckers. Still other events are bringing context and focus.

My Gran fell last night, had to kick in the front door to get to her and she is now in hospital. Everything else is hidden behind a barrier of grey, smudged and blurry like the sky outside.

UPDATE: They are keeping her in overnight, she has twelve stitches across her forehead but seems OK apart from that (in other words she’s complaining that she’s not had a decent cup of tea). Thanks for your thoughts, VERY much appreciated.


Losing an hour’s sleep is not what you want when you aren’t sleeping too well, but on the plus side it does mean that summer is approaching.

You DID change your clocks this morning, right?


Changed the dressings on my back yesterday and Louise took pictures of my wound. Still slightly open with two stitches, gross. Explains why it’s as sore as it was, I had no idea how deep they had to go… which reminds me, must take some painkillers before I go to bed.


So Scotland lost 2-0 to Italy, no chance of use getting to next year’s World Cup but at least they played reasonably well. If we had a decent front pair we may even score a goal or two at some point in the future.


Working on a Saturday is a pain in the ass. That is all.



Funny bits weren’t that funny.

Dramatic bits weren’t that dramatic.

The rest was a bit bland. Considering the competition, largely American I have to admit and largely post-watershed, this felt a little light and almost too fast-paced for it’s own good. Not sure what Christopher Eccleston was aiming for, but if it was “slightly weird in a slightly scary kinda way” then he nailed it but at the expense of looking like he was hamming it up, which is a shame because I think he is an excellent actor. Billie Piper was OK.

I’ll give it another couple of weeks but not a great return for Dr.Who.

Oh yes, I should mention that I rarely watched any of the originals, the odd episode here and there, hence the lack of fanboy excitement and gushing praise for something which was, at worst, mediocre TV.

100 Movies

As I’m all “wrote” out, I thought I’d tackle this meme I’ve seen in several places over the last couple of weeks. Lazy blogging of the nth degree but infinitely less time consuming than writing a post although, as ever, I find myself procrastinating about how quick and dirty these things are only to spend more time writing about how quick and dirty they are than actually taking the quick and dirty option of just posting the damn thing with little explanation.

So I’ll shut up and say that the films in bold are ones I’ve not seen. I’m pretty sure on other sites the bold films are the ones the person has already seen but as I’m using this as a basis of compiling a “movies to watch” list for myself, the opposite approach makes more sense. To me that is, I’m surprised you are still reading this waffle to be honest, so, with that in mind I’ll stop and just list the damn movies and be done with it.

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So what’s today? Today is Friday. That’s it, nothing else. Just another working day at the end of another working week.

Except it isn’t. It’s a bank holiday, which has some connection to a religious event, apparently. Obviously upon hearing that jesus had rolled away the giant chocolate egg from in front of his tomb, the bankers of the day took it upon themselves to have a holiday. Hey, why not take the Monday after it as well, they no doubt thought. We could make a long weekend of it, get in some golf maybe, although I hear that new course at Eden is almost completely exclusive…

Today is also the last Friday of the month. The day I get paid. You can see where this is going, can’t you.

I didn’t get paid today. Our finance guys sent off the pay BACS thingydoo-dah at the usual time but for some reason it hasn’t appeared in my bank account, or anyone else using the Bank of Scotland (about 15 of us).

And the bankers are on holiday. Until Tuesday.

Upshot is that I now have to trail into Glasgow to the office to pick up a cash advance to get us through the weekend. Twunting badgeknackers.

Bad Monkey

It’s only when you have a small, slightly tender wound in the middle of your back that your realise how often you lie on your back whilst trying to get to sleep. I always thought I slept mostly on my side but after wakening every 30 minutes or so last night I find that I lie on my back more often than I thought.

In other exciting news, for some reason (well some reason I can’t get to the bottom of), Firefox has stopped opening Javascript linked windows, like the comments on this site. Most annoying.

Not sure if it was the update, the removal of a couple of extensions (though neither were anything to do with windows), or the installation of an extension. Frankly I’m too knackered and too busy to care. I’ll sort it later.

And then, of course, decides to stop playing and runs off with the ball. I’m definitely NOT going to be renewing that service but it does leave a hole. Not only did I use it on this site, but I had all of my blogrolls (four of ’em) on my internet browser start page, how the hell am I going to replace them?

More later. Coffee now.


Well that was an odd experience. Completely painless of course but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel what is going on as the doctor pulled and sliced and snipped at my skin.

I don’t want to make a big deal of this, twas but a mole, so hats off to the NHS staff at Hairmyres hospital. Wait wasn’t too long, they told me exactly what would be happening and they even make a nice cup of coffee. Proof that our much maligned NHS can work.

Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me take my mole home with me as it needed to go for testing. I had hoped to have it mounted and given pride of place on top of the TV.


It’ll be a tad quiet here today, as I’m off to the hospital to get a mole removed. I’m not particularly attached to it and it’s a constant source of irritation so I’ll be quite pleased to get shot of the little bugger.

It’s right in the middle of my back and quite pronounced meaning that anytime I scrap my back along or down something it gets caught and … well it gives me a real sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for some reason, like really bad nerves. Odd that.

Mind you it’s not as odd as my wife’s request of a photo of it whilst it’s still attached*. As she put it “You’ve had it forever and after today it will be gone, forever”. Granted that’s a tad OTT considering we are talking about a mole and not, say, my left leg but she has a point. Today a very small part of me will be sliced off and thrown in the bin.

I’m feeling very disposable.

* like a good husband I acquiesced but no I won’t be posting it here.