Not only..

My Gran was kept in hospital for the last couple of nights, precautionary measure as she’s doing fine. Not sure when she’ll get out though. Back from the doctor’s myself having had the stitches removed from my back, a little raw still but feels a lot better. And in a nice bit of juxtaposition, whilst…Continue reading Not only..


Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. A quick search confirms some basic facts about this book, including the oft repeated fact that it is an astonishing debut. Written in the style of a series of short stories that share a common thread the writing style never seems forced and flows from tense set pieces to languid descriptive…Continue reading GhostWritten

Real news

Every now and then something really important happens, not important in the “newsworthy” sense as is evidenced by the fact that it is already being shunted off the front pages (although I am in no way belittling the victims of the recent earthquake in Indonesia and the surrounding area) but important in the sense that…Continue reading Real news


I have four blogrolls, the one on the left, one for “Other Blogs”, one for PhotoBlogs and an “Auditioning” blogroll. I’ve come to rely on and be comfortable working with them. They are loaded into a custom home page every time I start my browser. I can’t use bl.ogs as it only allows one “blogroll”.…Continue reading Clarity


My blogrolling subscription is due in 7 days. Or I need to find an alternative, bl.ogs is OK but I have FOUR blogrolls and it only allows one. Maintaining links by hand is OK but then I don’t see when people have updated. Bloglines still hasn’t wormed it’s way completely into my way of surfing.…Continue reading Blogrolling


Jonathan King. Guilty or not he needs to learn the meaning of the word dignity, although I doubt he’d recognise it if you filled a large bucket with it and twatted him upside the head. Twice. On what scale do you judge musical popularity? Critical acclaim, album sales or a varied level of both? What…Continue reading RADAR


I’ve seen it used several times in the past week or so. It DOESN’T make you look or sound cool, smart, or ‘better’ in any way shape or form. To what do I refer? grok – tr.v.: To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy. Please, PLEASE, stop using it. You know who you are. ~…Continue reading Miscellany

Life update

Gran spent the night in hospital and should be well enough to go home today. The entire event (not the first of it’s kind) will again raise the question of whether she should really be in a sheltered housing complex, but it depends entirely on how stubborn the old dear is going to be. ~…Continue reading Life update