If, like me, you struggle to keep a track of this snippet of information, that website, the quote you wanted to use, the thought that prompted a post or article, then may I suggest (and if you are using Firefox as your main browser) you install the Scrapbook extension. Once installed you can start it…Continue reading Scrapbook


Itchy feet has advantages. For a while Louise and I were moving house every year (or less). It was just the way things panned out when we were down south. We rented at first, then bought a flat and then a year later decided to sell it (not sure it was a full year either),…Continue reading Slimline


So I’ve implemented a small stylesheet switcher (over on the left). Well when I say implemented I really mean that I’ve TRIED to implement it but, for some reason, the damn thing won’t work. I can’t even get Firefox to display the alternate stylesheet. Summat dodgy is going on. SORTED! Anyway, this evenings task –…Continue reading Stylesheets

Snippets of life

On the train on Friday night, a father and his toddler take their seat. The young boy is fascinated by the speed of the train, gazing out at the blur of buildings and lights that whizz past. Suddenly, without prompting, starts singing “Happy Birfday” (to his mummy) finishing with three muted Hip Hip Hoorays, after…Continue reading Snippets of life


Series 4 has started. Alas it’s on Sky and that means adverts and that means the fast paced editing loses ALL it’s impact. So we recorded it and zipped past the adverts. I’m sure it’ll be repeated but it already (two episodes in) looks like it’ll be another cracking series. I don’t watch much TV…Continue reading 24


Friday evening was spent celebrating our Christopher’s, our oldest nephew, 18th birthday. It was a very good night, a good meal, good company and we finally got to meet his best friend Ryan. Ryan got very drunk. Very VERY drunk. Thankfully he’s a friendly drunk though so wasn’t too much hassle (hope the hangover wasn’t…Continue reading Scruples


Some questions. 1. Anyone having a problem with my Site Feed? It SHOULD be listing the full post but doesn’t appear to be working. This is a WordPress issue (I think) but I’ve no idea how to fix it. The WordPress Support Forum is quiet on this one and don’t even get me started on…Continue reading Introspection

A letter

Dear Lloyds TSB, Firstly I’d like to thank you for giving me a mortgage at a great rate. I’m saving over £100 a month by switching to you and I’m truly grateful. However you might want to take a look at your internet banking facility. I’m sure a lot of people have no problem using…Continue reading A letter

Always Remember

Whilst I didn’t post about it here I was aware of the services and memorials going on to mark Holocaust Day. I wonder if this is a better way to remember war and all it’s atrocities, rather than Remembrance Day. Whilst I have absolutely no idea what it was/is like to be in a war,…Continue reading Always Remember

The Aviator

Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic Took some time out tonight to head to the cinema to catch Howard Hughes story, The Aviator. Jolly good it was too (as Katharine was wont to say). The acting is delivered well, the pacing whilst slow in places pulls you through the movie at a comfortable…Continue reading The Aviator