Anyone done any work with Wikis? I’m quite like the WordPress Wiki. I’ve had a look at DokuWiki but it seems, despite being aimed at creating documentation, a tad techie in outlook. Not necessarily a bad thing but I need something that doesn’t involve a lot of reading to get it up and running (Yeah…Continue reading Wiki


Many congratulations to my boss Graham who is now a father. Rory was born at 9pm (18 hour labour!). 8lb 1oz. Mother and baby both well. Father knackered! I’ve not yet sent him a link to Dooce.


You know those words you can’t type properly, the ones you ALWAYS mis-spell. I have a couple, surprise not surpise, policy not policay, and business not bsiness (I’m sure I’ve many many more… ohh there’s another one – many not mahy). Anyway, I’m currently writing a manual dealing with bsiness business policay policy objects. It’s…Continue reading Mispelled

Ex- cited hausted

So, being completely knackered after hardly any sleep the night before, I lay out on the couch to watch the footie while my darling wife pottered around “getting organised” – is this just a female thing? I rarely have the need to “get organised”, but then that’s maybe because I know where I leave things…Continue reading Ex- cited hausted


Louise is at her company Christmas night out. She came home at 5.15pm, washed her hair in time for Gillian, her hairdresser, to make an appearance to cut and style her hair. She then spent the next hour getting ready, and swished out the door in a blur of diamantes and glitter. I stayed out…Continue reading Snipped


I’ve been ignoring the pop-up from Zone Alarm for the past week. I need to pay to renew my cover with them but I’m wary. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about various, FREE, personal firewalls, and the only additional feature mine needs to cope with is my WiFi network (Internet Connection Sharing required).…Continue reading Firewall