I subscribe to the langalist. It’s a very useful PC email newsletter by Fred Langa which offers lots of practical advice on PC maintenance, smart programs (not COOL programs but ones that are useful and you’ll use more than once), and a good variety of articles on various PC related topics. He’s saved my bacon…Continue reading Priorities

Elbows ready

I’ve still got some Christmas presents to buy, all for Louise bar the HGJQTSM for LKPDN. So that means some lunchtime shopping for me, which isn’t so bad, especially as we are free to work the hours we want. So I can head out at 11ish and work late if needs be. Quite handy. So,…Continue reading Elbows ready


OK, so the Christmas party was quite good. Admittedly that MAY have had something to do with the tequila. The meal was OK, the band were excellent, and I was “shakin my thang” with the best of them. Spent most of the evening dancing with lovely ladies who, thankfully, know what I’m like so I…Continue reading Slouching

Lost and Found

You may not have read it, but hidden amongst the post prior to the Faithless gig was the fact that I had, at the time of writing, misplaced my camera. I was beginning to get a bit worried, especially as the only place it MUST be was my Gran’s and both Louise and I were…Continue reading Lost and Found

Oh good grief

Microsoft are entering the fight against spyware and that’s fine. That’s their right of course. However why would I want to pay for this when Ad-Aware and Spy-Bot do such a great job* as it is? Who WOULD pay for this? Well that’s obvious. A lot of people will, and I’ll venture that most will…Continue reading Oh good grief

Party on

And so, that timely reminder that the end of the year is fast approaching, rolls around. Yes, tonight is our company night out. A night of festive merriment with co-workers. A night of turkey and tinsel, dinner and dancing, food and flirting. Ohh and copious amounts of alcohol. Well that’s what usually happens. This year,…Continue reading Party on


Funnily enough I was gonna post about this very topic, having been suitably annoyed whilst walking from the train to the office this morning – although the ‘inspiration’ aspect of it is something else I want to discuss at some point. My post was going to be along the lines of “how to walk”, with…Continue reading Stationary

We come One

Arrived at venue at 7.10pm. Got beer. Mylo came on. Quite good. Got more beer. Faithless came on. Faithless can ROCK! What a great gig. Met up with Scott (Louise’s boss), and had time for a beer before Mylo came on. If you’ve heard his album “Destroy Rock & Roll” then you aren’t missing much…Continue reading We come One

God is a DJ

Doors open at 7.30 says the ticket. So I’ll be there at 7.30 then. Prompt. I always make sure I catch the support act, sometimes they’re crap, sometimes they’re great and sometimes you strike it lucky. Like tonight for instance. Faithless may be headlining but I’m almost as excited that Mylo is the support. Alas…Continue reading God is a DJ


For the record, and regardless of what you may have heard or read anywhere else, the music used in the current HP advert is a Status Quo track by the name of “Pictures of Matchstick Men”. It was released on the 5th January 1968 and was the first single to be issued by “Status Quo”…Continue reading Lowry