FINALLY. Many many MANY thanks to Adrian and Jann for their sage advice and time. I tried Jann’s advice first – as it was the simplest, namely adding <br style=”clear: both;” /> right before the closing DIV tag. Whaddya know, it worked straight away. I’m not sure which I’m more relieved about, the fact it…Continue reading IT WORKS!!!


Further to this post (two self links in one day, tut tut), I received this via email: “Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning.” – Rich Cook How true.


Can anyone spot what is wrong with this snippet of CSS? Works fine in IE but not in Firefox – argh!! The background image (maincolumn.gif) won’t repeat vertical down the column in Firefox yet it works fine in IE. .rigid-demo { margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 790px; background: url(../images/maincolumn.gif) repeat-y; } P.S. This is…Continue reading CSS Woe


To mark the occasion of this post breaking the previous “most received” comments record, I invite you all to offer your opinions. Add your comments there. It’s all about environmental impact of cars over the individual’s right to choose what they want to drive. IS there a middle ground?


So I’ve upgraded to WordPress 1.2.2. Pretty smooth. I bet you never even noticed. Right? Anyway, part of my redesign thoughts include making better use of some of the WordPress features. I’m still not overly bothered about using their comment feature, especially as HaloScan will be getting some new features in the New Year. However…Continue reading Categorical


Looking ahead (yes already) I’ll be tweaking the design here again. It’s all a bit cluttered so I’ll be removing some bits and bobs I think – or moving them somewhere else. Anyway, I’ve got a few ideas, mainly centred around adding a few graphical touches (nothing much, I like the fact the site loads…Continue reading 2005

Gig this

Suggested t-shirt from last night’s gig: I AM NOT A CORRIDOR Cos that’s just annoying, ain’t it? When it’s ALWAYS you that people are pushing past.


Not sure exactly what is was but I caught the end of some ‘environmental’ segment on BBC News this morning. A family had undertaken several pledges to try and improve their energy use, they’d lagged pipes, insulated the loft, realised that turning off electrical appliances would save them money, even installed a few solar panels…Continue reading 4×4

Joe's Head

Carling Academy, Kings of Leon, ears still ringing. Great gig from a very good rock band. The band was as tight as the lead singers trousers (which I’m pretty sure were painted on) and they paced the set perfectly. Similarly to Faithless, I wasn’t as taken with their second album – in comparison with their…Continue reading Joe's Head


“I like driving in my car, It’s not quite a Jaguar.” So they sang. But I bet they could drive one if they’d had one. It’s similar to the fact that newspapers are made of paper, and we all know how paper is made. Not sure I could make it but I know the theory.…Continue reading Madness