Month: August 2004

Over Exposure

When I bought my digital camera, a couple of years ago now, I went into a frenzied ‘clicking’ of everything. I took some time to try and get the basics of good photography down and took part in things like the wonderful 26 Things project. This year I’ve hardly had the camera out at all.

So when my new phone arrives, with it’s inbuilt camera, I’m hoping it will help re-ignite my photographic creativity. You see I’m still at that stage where I don’t take my camera everywhere (anywhere) and so when I spot something that I think would make a good photo (everyday) I’m stuck. Sure my current phone has a camera add-on but it sucks.

So, I’m now wondering whether to create a separate “moblog”, or feature the pictures here? I’m thinking Flickr would be a good bet. Not sure. Anyone got any suggestions?

One idea would be a random pic over on the left there somewhere (at the top of the left-hand column probably) which would link to either my Flickr page or a gallery page hosted here… hmmm more thought needed, and suggestions welcomed.

Grass cuttings

So I cut the front grass last night. I loathe our front garden. I mean real hatred. Not the nice new bit we did at the front but all that grass. All that undulating, uneven, moss-ridden, weed-bearing excuse for a lawn that, no matter which way I try, ends up causing the flymo to spew most of it’s contents all over the place, anywhere except into grass catching .. er .. bit.

I don’t actually mind CUTTING the grass, or edging the lawn, and I’m quite happy to do a wee bit of a tidy up afterwards but I spend more time brushing, raking, hoe-ing (?), and other -ing words than I do cutting and that just pisses me off.

We moved to a house, our first house, our first backdoor, our first garden, so we’d get some enjoyment out of it. I don’t. As, by the time I get home from work and have dinner, it’s about 7pm and the last thing I want to do is gardening. It’s a chore. Not an enjoyment. This usually means that if it is a nice weekend, we are out working in the garden. Not out sitting in the garden, reading books, sipping Pimms etc etc.

I think I’ll get the entire damn thing concreted. Or not.

It could be that I’m a bit grouchy because I didn’t get much sleep last night. THAT could be because the person lying next to me DIDN’T take my advice and ended up getting sunburn. THAT person now can’t sleep and she is keeping me awake too.

Bugger this. Time for a coffee and a think about moblogs. More on that later.

Stand by me

OK, I’m looking for a stand to put my webcam on. I have an LCD screen and my cam doesn’t come with clips for that kind of screen. Then I spotted the FlexStand. Ideal!

Not sure I want to pay £35 for something like that though… anyone else got any suggestions?

In other news: Congratulations to our mate Ian for winning the West of Scotland Karting Championship!

Admittedly choosing to skim over the ground at 40mph with little more than a sheet of plywood separating your tender bits from tarmac is bonkers, but well done nevertheless.

The Sun had it's hat on…

You can tell it’s been a good weekend when:
1. You now have bottles of Grenadine, Galliano, Midori and Angostura Bitters on your desk, alongside a cocktail making gadget.
2. The top of your head is still slightly red from the sun yesterday.
3. You get a realistic quote for the installation of a new condensing boiler (and ripping out the old one) – £2.3k before cash discount.

The remnants of the house warming party seem to indicate, by their half-full state, that the pary continued long after I left. The bottle of absinthe on an adjoining desk suggests the same. Cocktails, absinthe, tequila shots, large quantities of beer. Boy, am I glad I was driving.

My Dad did a top notch BBQ on Sunday, Peter and Grace were still marvelling at his pavlova when we phoned them later – nice one Dad (as usual!) – and I’ve not had any side effects of the Guinness with added floaty bits. Not sure what they were as I couldn’t detect them whilst drinking but I wasn’t going to let some miscellaneous foreign bodies in my pint stop me from drinking it (unless they are Mexican or something).

And now it’s Monday. The sun has hung up his hat and I’m in work. Happy happy joy joy.