Month: August 2004


Hi, how are you?

I’m good. In fact, I may even go so far as to say I’m GREAT! I’m wonderful, fantastic etc etc. I won’t go that far though as it’s still early…

Hopefully, by the time I get home tonight, we will have a new boiler in the loft and the old back boiler and fire will be removed. This will leave a hole in the wall for a while until we figure out what we are going to do but it gets rid of the monstrosity that has sat in our living room for the past three years (pics to follow).

Another factor in my wonderful mood is, possibly, the fact that I have tomorrow off.

Into the light

Well my mood has lifted, thankfully. There is only so much grouching and grumping that my beloved wife will tolerate, and her “You’re a grumpy bastard” comments were beginning to take on a slightly more biting edge than usual.

Plus we shuffled bits and bobs around the house, and I think just being of my fat lazy arse has helped too.

Roll on tomorrow!

(And yes, I’m off to bed now)

The Darkness

Let me preface this by stating that I’m not sleeping well at the moment, so my mood isn’t a mystery to me.

It’s like looking down a well that has no bottom, the light filtering down as far as it can before it too succumbs to the enclosing murky depths. Wondering how deep it goes, remembering the last time you were here, looking down.

You turn your head to find the source of light, suddenly you panic, realising that it too is far away, up through the funnel above. It’s energy struggling to breakout of the confines, everything else faded, dim, distant.

Your shouts are muffled, incomprehensible until they echo back to you. You listen to yourself and know then that you can control this, that it’s not a slope, the handholds are there above your head, you just need to reach up and start climbing.

I’ll stop there, as I reckon I’m dangling from a couple of those handholds.

It’s a funny thing though, and something I thought I’d gotten past, the way it all builds, creeping up on you so that you don’t notice, until the last minute, that you are standing on that ledge, peering out, trying to see.


Anyone got any good jokes?


Jim White, him aff the telly, walking along Gordon Street (yes, it’s true, I have a street named after me). I think he’s lost weight.
(And isn’t that a bizarre set of photos, what’s that all about Mr.Murdoch?)

Two young boys at the window of Silks ‘n’ Secrets, our local sex shop, giggling whilst pointing at the toys: “Nooo waaayyyyyy maaannnnn!” one remarked in that lovely, melodic, Glasgow ned twang.

A tall, very attractive, blonde lady in front of me in the queue at the sandwich shop. As she walks off, cue that shared look, between myself and the male cashier, that says: “Well you wouldn’t kick her out of bed, would you”.

Me, walking back to the office, composing this post in my head.

punctuations great*

Prompted by this article in the New Yorker (which I’ve just happened across), I’ve been giving some thought to my use of grammar and punctuation on this here site.

(side note: I still jar when describing this site as a “blog”, odd that)

Comma usage, ellipsis (ellipsi?), italics, bold, capitals, the odd semi-colon, and the even rarer colon have all featured here. Did anyone notice that for a while after reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves my usage punctuation was much wider than normal? And that, more to the point, it has dwindled back to it’s normal state since then.

Anyway, here’s the thing. Hyperlinks. Are they, should they, can they, be considered punctuation?

For example, when I mentioned Eats, Shoots and Leaves should I have distinguished it somehow? Is “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” correct or will Eats, Shoots and Leaves suffice, or is Eats, Shoots and Leaves a valid use of the markup and grammar available to us.

Can the hyperlink serve as a form of punctuation? Is this a valid part of the evolution of language?

Of course I have a vested interest in this, being a technical writer for a living, but I’m interested in what you guys think. The masses (cultured of course), the proles, the everyday writer.

Postscript: the New Yorker article linked above nails this book precisely. Lynne Truss taps into that sense of outrage and disbelief that some of us feel when staring at public signage that is badly punctuated, and openly admits to ignoring and abusing some of the rules of grammar. I was once told that the rules of the English language were the strictest set of rules in the world, and it was only their steadfast resolve that allowed them to be bent, twisted and skewed so often by so many.

Next question: One space or two?

* This mistake was on purpose. Any other mistakes in this post are, of course, only there to see if you catch them. Honest.


It feels like the lull before the storm. Literally. Figuratively.

Rebecca's Links

I don’t visit “what’s in rebecca’s pocket?” nearly often enough, so this is probably old to a lot of people.

I’ve just noticed that she has a clever way of marking the difference between internal links (permalinks, self-linking etc) from external links. So simple it’s obvious. Use different colours. Brilliant.

On top of that, of course, she continues to churn out thoughtful posts and articles at a rate that I find astonishing. Especially with my lack of current motivation (see below).

She is one clever lady.


Is it the weather? The clammy, muggy closeness pulling sweat from my skin, draining what little energy I seem to have left?

Is it the daily grind? Do I need a holiday, a break, get AWAY from everything?

Is it all in my head? Probably. Not that that is a good thing.

Anyhoo, motivation or not there is plenty to do. New boiler gets installed on Thursday so we have until then to make sure access to all the radiators is available, which means reshuffling more of the rooms in the house to some degree. It also means that we really need to decide HOW we are going to block up the large hole that is about to appear in our living room when the old gas fire and back boiler are removed.

Then there are other things to get done that are being put on hold until I “can be bothered” (it’s an official project status you know). Scottish Blogs sits untouched, despite trying to guilt myself into doing something by posting on the site that I would soon be doing something. And this place, well all the sub-pages are still on the old template, but there is an easy way to remedy that, not to mention my continued thoughts on how to present photos.

So much to do, so little motivation. Honestly, I just CAN’T be bothered.


Cripes. Almost over. Where did it go? What did we do?

I hate weekends like this, ZIP! and they’re done.