Authors Note: I’ve been humming and hawwing over posting this for a week or so now, figured I’d post it and see if that affected my mood. It’s not an end, just a break, a hiatus if you will. A chance to refocus, recharge, reconsider. I’ll be back in a week or so. Maybe more,…Continue reading Resting


Do you ever feel a tad detached? Quite frequently things go on that I never hear about. This is on all levels, from global events to work gossip. I AM the last to know. It doesn’t bother me on the whole, but it does puzzle me. (I think) I’m an OK guy. I chat with…Continue reading Barcelona


OK, for all you people who take photos. How do you do it? I mean, what motivates you to do it? I brought my camera to work today, walked around at lunchtime and took all of two photos. Both were rubbish. I think I need to go on a course. A photo composition course, a…Continue reading Rethunk


So a friend/work colleague is doing his MBA. Part of it requires a look at corporate culture. He sent round a short questionnaire to some people, including me, and we got together today to discuss it. I was quite amazed, if I’m honest, that we all said similar things, and after about 30 minutes we…Continue reading MBA

Real life

I post a lot of frippery and nonsense on here. I mean really, do any of you lot really care that I’ve got a new boiler? However, every now and then something happens that resets your viewpoint. I got an email (or two) from my friends in Twickenham. Turns out that Laura had walked home,…Continue reading Real life


Da Vinci Code – Mona Lisa ~ Munch stolen. And I’ve just had the following books delivered:London Fields – Martin Amis ~ Murders in Twickenham (friends live there).Leaving Home – Garrison Keillor ~ Laura flies out to Australia today.Labyrinths – Jorge Luis Borges ~ Emmmm… not sure yet, but it must mean something… Funny old…Continue reading Collision

Irish Coffee

Well just about survived the weekend. Saturday was a sad farewell to Laura, before rushing from her leaving party – where most people from work turned up between 9-9.30pm, I was sure it said it started at 8! – to head to Louise’s cousins for a family night with my in-laws as the star guests..…Continue reading Irish Coffee


Well done to all the medal winners at the Olympics. And a special mention to Matthew Pinsent, ya big cry baby. Boiler fitted, control unit figured out but only after walking up at 6.15 this morning, sweaty and hot, and realising the heating was on! Started tidying up, and we’ve decided on what we are…Continue reading Gold

Coming up

Well the new boiler installation is almost done. New radiator is in the spare room (office), new valves on all the radiators, hot water tank gone from back bedroom, back boiler and ghastly fireplace gone from living room. Which has left a big hole in the wall. Now, I should point out that I’m not…Continue reading Coming up


So much to blog about, so little motivation. Olympics, music, etiquette, photography… the list grows, overwhelming the desire. Of course it could be because I’ve just finished a portion of shredded chilli beef and boiled rice, in what the new(ish) Thursday ritual of a Chinese takeaway for lunch. Now, would anyone REALLY notice if I…Continue reading Perfunctory