Month: June 2004

I knew it!

I said Conspiracy.

Shame it turned out to be true: Bowie pulls out of T in the Park.

Paul McCartney to replace?

UPDATE: T in the Park organisers confirmed that The Darkness would replace Bowie to headline Saturday night’s main stage.

“This year we have one of the strongest ever T in the Park line-ups across all stages, and on Saturday night we’ll see our other headliners The Darkness stepping up to close the main stage, which will be a real treat for the Balado audience.”



RSS, Atom, feed readers, news readers, syndication, XML, and a few other terms aside, what’s it all about?

Prompted by Lyle finally adding an Atom feed, and this post by the venerable Mr.Sippey, I’ve been delving into this whole thing again.

And once again the ‘simplest’ way for me would be to export my blogrolls to OPML and then import those OPML files into a feed reader (FeedDemon, SharpReader or FeedReader for example). But no, you can’t as the blogroll OPML files aren’t ‘standard’ and appear to hold no information. Arse.

Anyway I’m going to continue with this I think, as I’m getting hacked off missing posts and news stories because I am searching them out, let them come to me!

Ohh and with that in mind, I’ve been checking out FeedBurner which looks to make the whole thing a lot simpler for everyone.

Time for a little more research methinks, but for now you can subscribe to my (Feedburner) feed.


I have a little ritual when I get into work; make coffee, read email. Simple.

Many other people have the same ritual. Thankfully I was slightly more awake than a co-worker of mine was this morning. I mean, do you really have any excuse when you forget to turn your coffee mug up the correct way before trying to putting the coffee in?

Well it made me laugh…

T in the Park #3

Saturday on the King Tuts Stage

Now we are getting to some of the better known artists, on the stage sponsored by one of Glasgow’s best venues (where Oasis were discovered if I remember rightly).

  • Ocean Colour Scene + Ash – Odd one this. Ash, yes, OCS, maybe… but what does the “+” signify?
  • Katie Melua – Live? REALLY? Yawn. Don’t think so…
  • Michael Franti + Spearhead – I SHOULD know who he is… can’t place the name at the moment
  • Speedway – One of those “heard good things about them” bands
  • The Ordinary Boys – the next big thing, if I get the chance I’ll swing by and catch them
  • The Glitterati – may have heard of them
  • Jerry fish – no idea
  • Mohair – On stage knitting?
  • Roderigo Y Gabriela – spanish guitars, right? Could be a good start to the day..

Comments please!


Standing waiting for the lights to change, a wee Glesga granny turns to her two grandchildren: “Now, we’ll just wait for the wee green man. Jinky Johnstone.” (who?)

T in the Park #2

Sunday at the X-Tent

So here is Sunday’s list of bands for the X-Tent, once again, if you have any suggestions let me know. At some point next week I’ll write up who I’ll be trying to catch, your vote can make a difference!

  • The Stands – Heard some of their stuff, not overly moved.
  • Hope of the States – never heard of them.
  • 22-20s – hmmm they had a single in the charts recently, or in an advert?
  • Sons and Daughters – who? Aussie soap I thought?
  • Buck 65 – Yeah heard some of their stuff, not bad, already on my ‘maybe’ list.
  • Thirteen Senses – Interesting name…
  • The Dead 60’s – no idea.
  • The Open – ditto.
  • Nine Black Alps – ditto.
  • The Golden Virgins – ditto.
  • Polly Paulusma – ditto.

Tomorrow we move to the King Tut’s Stage.

T in the Park #1

Saturday at the X-Tent

Right, here we go. The X-Tent is the smallest stage, and I’ll probably only be there for the earlier bands. I’ve heard of a few of them, and I’ll list the rest in case there is anyone I MUST go see. No doubt a lot of these will suffer as they are on at the same time as better known bands, but such is life, and I’d rather have too many suggestions than too few:

  • The Bees – read the press hype, but are they REALLY any good?
  • Delays – er… who?
  • Ian McNabb – wasn’t an Icicle Works fan, but has Crazy Horse as backing band. Intriguing.
  • Ben Kweller – another I’ve read reviews of, worth a listen?
  • Kasabian – heard the rumours.
  • Ricky Warwick – NOT the rump shakin’ latin lover, but the former NMA and Almighty member (neither of which I was a fan of)
  • Thea Gilmore – heard of, haven’t heard.
  • Jess Malin – no idea
  • Republic of Loose – ditto
  • The Crimea – ditto
  • The Departure – ditto
  • Drug of the Nation – ditto

On thing I’ve already realised is how out of touch with the ‘real’ music scene I’ve become, I’ve at least heard of all the names performing on the larger stages.

Anyhoo, have at it people!


So, watching highlights of Glastonbury, some good stuff, some mediocre. All of it whetting my appetite for T in the Park in a couple of weeks.

Ohh did I mention that the best mate a man could have in the whole wide world ever managed to score some tickets? Top stuff!

So, with that in mind I’ll be needing your collective opinions over the coming weeks. There are 5 stages, over two days, so this week I’ll be discussing the bottom half of the running order (the smaller stages), and next week I tackle the bigger stages and more established artists/legends (well I can hardly class Bowie as an “established artist” now, can I!?!).

You can jump ahead of me if you want, or just wait and let the excitement build. Mind you, this is the first time I’ve ever planned a series of posts so I’ll apologise in advance if I miss a day or generally forget that I’m doing this.

Anyway, Paul McCartney did Helter Skelter, wonder how David Bowie will top that?