Own up

Which one of you buggers gave the spammers my email address. Yesterday, around 10 pieces were identified and whacked by MailWasher. Today, 74 (ohhh 75 just arrived)… Arse. Feck. Buggeration.


So, having Friday and Monday off was great. Got a fair amount done, and progressed a few things further than I thought I would. But MAN. I’m gonna have to cram in the work I missed on those two days .. well… today! We have a weekly meeting on a Wednesday and I’m about half…Continue reading Cripes


In between showers we got a little more gardening done and cleaned out the garage. Relocated around 20 spiders but couldn’t find where ‘the biggest spider in the world’* disappeared to between trips to the skip. I’m hoping he won’t mug me later on for disposing of his buddies. Also disposed of a dead mouse.…Continue reading Showery


Man, it’s hot. Taking a break. Front grass cut. Back grass to go. Some weeding to do. Then a cold shower I think. Worrying about the neighbours though, my white flabby flesh probably isn’t the most attractive thing to see out of your living room window.. but hey, I’ll be nicely lobster red in another…Continue reading Heatwave!!