Month: May 2004

1984: Take 5

Big Brother has started again. Yes I watched. No I don’t care what you think of me…

Mind you they are a weird and wonderful bunch this time round, I think the lesson’s from last season have been learned. I’ll try not to comment too much on it as I’ll no doubt get bored with it in a week or so then pick it up again with a few weeks left.

The big question though: who will win?

Kitten? Marco? Daniel?

As long as it’s not the tosser from Hamilton!

Uncle Huey says hi

As predicted I’m only now, at 7pm-ish, finally shaking off the hangover. Yesterday was a top day though, especially as the weather held and allowed us to sit out in the beer garden. Started at 2.30pm, was home by midnight. I think.

The wife is insisting that she had to man-handle me up the stairs, undress me and put me to bed as I was too drunk to do so myself.


Mind you I don’t remember a thing, so she may have been telling the truth…

I love Scotland

I do, it’s true. Not in an overly patriotic kind of way though, that’d just be… I dunno… a bit too American (I’m kidding! sort of…).

However it does have the tendency to piss me off, usually centred around the fast changing weather. Merely an hour ago it was glorious sunshine. By the time lunch had rolled around (rolled… get it..!) it is dank and dark.

Going to make tomorrow’s afternoon trip to the pub a bit depressing, I’d hoped to be sitting in the beer garden.

Daypop Referrer Spam?

Anyone else getting this link in their referrer logs?

Daypop Spam?

Weird as my site didn’t appear in the top list at all yesterday (I checked when I spotted this yesterday at lunchtime).

Forging ahead

My best mate is handing in his notice today and is off to startup his own company. I’d tell you what it is but I’m not 100% sure and it’s very specialised so I doubt you’d need his services anyway. He works in the Lighting industry (as in concert/stadium/T in the Park) and does clever things with computerised lighting design.

Ohh look, I did manage to tell you.

I’ll be giving him a hand with some web stuff soon, so more on that later.

As it’s Friday, it’s time to look ahead to the weekend. The slightly longer than normally weekend for me as I’ve taken Monday off (we don’t get Bank Holidays as standard).

First up, cakes this morning. Then the pub tonight, soft drinks only for me though as I’ve got to pick the car up at the station.

Saturday morning we head into Glasgow to buy birthday pressies, probably meet my Mum for lunch, and then head out to the west end for an afternoon/night of drinking. We are starting in Jinty McGinty’s. If you see me, say hi!

Of course this means that Sunday is a complete write off for me (I’ll no doubt be shouting at Uncle Huey), but my darling wife doesn’t get hangovers, so I’ll spend the day in bed and get her to cut the grass 😉

And Monday, lovely wonderful Monday. We have plans to drive through to Loch Lomond and check the in-laws caravan is OK, maybe give it a quick clean and airing in preparation for their ‘holiday’ next month, and then take the long route home. Wherever that may take us. Must try and remember my camera this time.

And you dear reader, what plans have you?

Devil's Advocate

Still can’t really muster up much enthusiasm or spare brain power at the moment. I did survive a game of 5-a-side (well 4-a-side actually) tonight, but now it’s 9.30pm and I’m completely drained. Mentally and physically.

The only thought in my head is from a comment I made the other day, to a work colleague. I was asking him questions, deliberately playing devil’s advocate – I’m an argumentative bugger at the best of times but I was genuinely trying to help – and it got to a point where I had to point out that I was, indeed, playing devil’s advocate.

Should I have to do that? What does it say about my work persona that I have to point that out? By nature I’m pessimistic, and I question everything. I’m not one to say “Yes” easily, finding the instant answer of “NO” allows me to get more information about the task at hand as people will usually try and convince me that I should do what they are asking (this IS different from being TOLD what to do, even if I tend to deliberately blur those lines, told you I was argumentative…). I’m wondering if I need to go on a charm offensive.

On the other hand, bugger that. That’s there problem, I’ve learnt how to deal with them, they can damn well learn to deal with, working with, me.

Heh. Funny that. Didn’t think I had anything to say.

This blogging lark is quite cathartic, ain’t it.

Just remembered another thing too… I’ll keep that for another time though. Ohh as I will something else I’ve mentioned here several times, all will be revealed though.

Retiring type

Peter, he of Naked Blog fame, is taking a break.

Thank feck to be honest as he was showing me up for the talentless hack I am…. the added bonus is that we can all now talk about the grumpy old bugger and just delete his comments (if he deigns us worthy of leaving one that is).

Seriously though, Peter, I hope you come back someday. Either way I hope the rocking chair holds up and that your mornings are filled with… well whatever floats your boat.

Consumer advice

Lyle is moaning about those little “Contains” taglines films have these days (moaning is the wrong word I think, but it’s late and I’m knackered).

So a little digging reveals that they are just an extension of that little grid you get on the back of videos/DVDs indicating the content of the movie: Consumer advice – or why a film or video has received a particular classification.

So, if you had to provide a “Contains….” tagline for this site. What would it be? Prize for the best one.

Limbering up

So congratulations to Porto for winning the Champions League. The new Chelsea manager seems like a bit of an odd bloke, so he’ll fit in at Stamford Bridge quite well.

Anyhoo, we were visiting a friend tonight who is recuperating after an operation on her back, there was some talk of the details but thankfully my squeam-o-meter kicked in and disengaged my brain before any of them made it too far. Ick.

Mind you, after four swift bottles of Corona I’m feeling a tad light-headed (christ, what a light-weight I’m becoming) so it’ll be off to bed for me soon.

But not before I mention that I’ll be buying Jordan’s “autobiography” at the weekend. No, not for me, it’s been requested as a birthday present for someone, and no I won’t be borrowing it as I’m not the slightest bit bothered about that “celebrity”. The birthday in question is my brother-in-laws girlfriend’s and will involve a 3pm start in a pub in the West End of Glasgow (somewhere in Ashton Lane). I’ve already written off Sunday.