One of us

New kids on the blog. You HAVE read it, right? What I really like is the way the main subject handles it.. blithely mentioning it before posting about trying to wash using hair conditioner. True class. P.S. I created that little BdJ image – so can I hang onto the tails of this publicity? No?…Continue reading One of us

My Family

Farmer’s market wasn’t up to much, I imagine it will be better as we move towards summer. The antiques fair was VERY serious, spotted several nice things and actually pondered pay £450 for one of them but decided against it… we’d like to eat this month, and next. But the highlight of the day has…Continue reading My Family

Farming antiques

It worked! The rubber sheet (about 5 cm thick) under the washing machine did the trick. Cheers Keith! So today (well once I’ve gone to bed and gotten back up) we’ll be driving through to my parents and then on to Loch Lomond for the farmer’s market and an antiques fair. Then it’ll be lunch…Continue reading Farming antiques

Grand National

Oops, almost forgot. Grand National in about 10 minutes or so… ohh it appears to be late starting… Not a horse racing fan to be honest but I don’t mind a 50p flutter in the office sweepstake. Just wish I could remember which horses I pulled out of the hat! Bear on Board? Clan Royal?…Continue reading Grand National

Lastest greatest?

I can’t keep up. Orkut, Kinja, Bloglines, GMail, the list goes on, and doesn’t seem to be slowing any. I’ve signed up to all of the aforementioned services (except Gmail as it ain’t open yet) but I’m beginning to question why. I’ve rarely looked back at Orkut after the initial 2-3 week novelty period wore…Continue reading Lastest greatest?


Yesterday I received an email from a friend, who lives in London, asking me, amongst other things if I was working today. Here is the ‘abbreviated’ email exchange: K: Whereabouts is your office in Glasgow? Me: Near the Casino on the river – next door to BT office.. why?K: Casino in Glasgow? I know where…Continue reading Loon

Woof Woof

Friends of ours stay on a private road, so private that it’s little more than an earthy, gravel track that winds through some trees before you are suddenly confronted with two ‘new build’ houses which have recently sprung up, a few metres on you turn in to get to our friend’s house. The entrance to…Continue reading Woof Woof

Shut up

I’m not a morning person. I thought everyone knew this? Well everyone except Little Miss Loudgob and her mates who get on at Newton and yak at high volume the whole way to Glasgow Central. OK, it’s only 20 minutes or so but… SHUT UP!! In other news – very busy. New author (re)joining us…Continue reading Shut up