Pick a week, any week

Seemingly it’s International TV Turnoff Week, National Depression Week, National Stop Snoring Week, and World Lab Animal Week. So switch off the television set, cheer up, lie on your front, and only use that smelly stuff you got at Xmas from the Body Shop.

Monday morning

As I mentioned it will be a quiet (ish) week here at Snowgoon Towers. It’s the ‘last week’ of the project, and the usual chaos is descending! Need to be on-the-ball, pushing the envelope… yadda yadda yadda. I even went to bed early last night to make sure I was properly refreshed. Of course I…Continue reading Monday morning


Only problem with working over the weekend, well ONE of the problems with working over the weekend, is just how tired it makes you. No respite at all. Of course I’ve got a bloody cheek to say I’m knackered, it’s not like I’ve run 26 miles 385 yards* today (I’ve barely walked further than to…Continue reading Knackered

Fornication City!!

OK, if anyone wants an invite to Breedster (which is quite bizarre to be honest), let me know. First three comments get an invite – yes, I’ve got THREE eggs ready to hand out (this, apparently is a good thing although I’m sure the ‘egg’ thing is meant to be the ladies job… hmmm) .

RSI Sunday

Can’t be bothered looking this up… but can RSI manifest itself in your shoulder? My right shoulder has been killing me for days, ibuprofen helps, and it only started when I started doing extra hours at work (and home!). It’s making watching the London Marathon are real pain… đŸ˜‰


I don’t pay much attention to Spam, if they make it to my mailbox (which they do at work as they won’t let me use MailWasher.. pah!) I usually just Shift+Delete the buggers. But then I installed Office 2003, and Outlook has a new message notification thingy – it’s quite smart actually – which pops…Continue reading Spam

Lunch break

Five of us in the office, and I’ve only a couple of hours to go as I need to get home by 4pm (ish). We are off out tonight for dinner with Louise’s Granda. It’s a family thing and I’m not sure how it will be, but hey, it’s a free meal! Unfortunately the sun…Continue reading Lunch break


I like the office at the weekend. In a way. It’s so quiet, I’m the only one here. S’pos I’d better do some work.