There is a chirping sound coming from the other end of the office. No, it’s not a mobile phone (despite the fact someone has just taken delivery of a new one, prompting some gadget envy on my part – must check when mine is due up for renewal) it’s two motherless ducklings found wandering around…Continue reading Duck!

10 years ago today

My darling wife agreed to marry me. 10 years on I couldn’t be happier. T.N.F.A.* * our little code, you can guess but I won’t tell you what it means.

Catch Up 22

Suprisingly little content can be gleaned from the last week and a bit. It consisted mainly of work. Of course if I was more happy to blog about work then I would have screeds of content available, although, ultimately, it would be more depressing than the current (lack of) content. Suffice to say that on…Continue reading Catch Up 22

Flow increasing

I’m slowly remembering how to do this thing called ‘blog’. Next up, a question: Anyone know of a small (light on resources) PHP web server I can run on my home machine (XP Pro), for testing purposes only.. it’s a real pain to have to make changes to a PHP script, upload it, refresh the…Continue reading Flow increasing

Big Ugly Nosed..

To biguglynosedguy AT I sent you an email. Can you please respond. I have no idea who you are, and until you answer that I won’t be adding you to my MSN Messenger list. Sorry. Yours, snowgoon2206


Not well. Made it in to work. Sat in a meeting room all day. No energy. Still bleuch. Real life may continue tomorrow.

Bill Withers

Ain’t it a lovely day. Mind you I’d be able to enjoy it much more if I could get rid of this migraine headache that I’ve had since wakening up on Saturday morning. Ho hum.