British soldiers torturing Iraqis – why are we shocked? Too close to home? How naive.Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Malta – welcome!Kilroy on have I Got News for You – rascist to the core.Derren Brown – simple tricks (some of them) but very very effective and ‘good TV’.Google IPO…Continue reading Radar

Gilbert and Gay

Well Peter and Lyle have already answered (correctly) my question – I guess I should’ve banned certain people from answering… So why the Gilbert and Sullivan quote? Well for some reason I got that song into my head yesterday, as all I seemed to be doing was adding, deleting, editing and creating lists. I’m sure…Continue reading Gilbert and Gay


I’m off work tomorrow. I’m praying for rain. I’ve done a rain dance and everything. I need rain. If it rains I don’t need to cut the grass.

This that other

Last night, our ‘celebration’ trip to the cinema was to see The Butterfly Effect (starring Mr Demi Moore I think….). It was…. yeah, it was.. it was a movie. He was awful, the plot was sketchy, the script was ropey. Shame really as the main premise of the movie was OK. Mind you after someone…Continue reading This that other

HaloScan Comments

For anyone using HaloScan for their comments: A new web server was installed for the system last week, there are currently some issues with the load balancing processes but the HaloScan guy(s) are monitoring it and hope to have it running smoothly again by the end of the week. Hang in there!

It keeps on coming

What a great day. Just got home to the news that Louise has been promoted to “Internal Accounts Manager” and landed a wee pay rise. May even include a wee jolly to see her European customers now and again. We’re off to the cinema to ‘celebrate’.

I love blueyonder

“Your 512k service will be upgraded to 750k – enabling you to go 50% faster. There’s no extra charge for this – it’s absolutely FREE.” Almost deleted this email as I thought it was spam. Roll on end of May!