Anyone know where I can get a sheet of rubber, about half an inch thick should do it… It’s our washing machine you see (I know what you were thinking, perverts…) I’ve tried wedging it with bits of woods and all sorts but ultimately it ends up shaking them clear. It’s set to spin at…Continue reading Rubber


So the nice Telewest man came out, did something outside and now my phone works. He also checked the digibox (TV) and my cable modem. Good idea that, I’d have hated it if he’d buggered them up whilst fixing the phone. However he did something to the cable modem, not sure exactly what, something to…Continue reading Connected

Jack of all Trades

If you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables, you must not give a damn about protein is Jeffrey Zeldman’s response to (amongst others) Standard Angst by Greg Storey. Zeldman’s point is one I can empathise with. It’s very similar to my professional job in approach, as these days, designing for the web encompasses a myriad of…Continue reading Jack of all Trades

DVD Player

For those who have asked. The cheap DVD player I bought was a “COMPAKS” (sic) DVD 800. It was bought in Woolworths. The one advantage of these cheapers is that they play most formats, and are easily made to support multi-region DVDs. This means you could, possibly, although you’d be aware of the (il)legalities of…Continue reading DVD Player

Bravo Communication

I’m not a Moveable Type user, nor do I use TypePad, but that’s not the point. Having just read: Mena’s Corner: Where did those 22 other people come from? I’m struck by the honesty and courage it took to write it. It’s an honest appraisal of personal and company failings, and I’m sure it will…Continue reading Bravo Communication

Twuntage: Take 2

They did phone. The engineer will be out on Wednesday to fix the problem. You see somehow the ‘switch’ lost our details. So if you rang our number, it rang. Just not at our end. The engineer requested the details from the ‘switch’ and found it was blank (presumably except for our telephone number) so…Continue reading Twuntage: Take 2

Stage 2

Thank you all for your flattering comments about the re-design. I’ll let you in on a wee secret though, all I did was change two graphics, and two margin settings in the stylesheet. So the horizontal background image (repeated across the page previously) was replaced by a vertical background image. The banner was the other…Continue reading Stage 2


(thanks for that word Lyle) A quick bit of background: We are with Telewest who also supply my our broadband connection and cable TV package. We’ve been with them since we moved in here, about 2 and a half years ago. I’ve paid every bill by direct debit. So, Friday afternoon I realise our phone…Continue reading Twuntage

If you believe..

Was thinking of heading to bed early last night, decided to take a last flick through the channels and was rewarded with the opening scene for Man on the Moon. This was a movie I’d wanted to catch when it was at the cinema, and never managed it, I guess I could’ve picked it up…Continue reading If you believe..