It’s been a funny old week here, I’ve posted more often than usual, and received some wonderfully thought provoking emails and comments which I will follow up at some point. But not now; I’m unplugging. See you Monday.

A few things

1. Just finished reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves. It’s smart, funny and reminds me that I really should pay more attention to my grammar on this ‘ere site. 2. I have received an email from Ron. He left some comments on yesterday’s post (Ikeaphobia) and has clarified a few things. Thanks for that Ron, I…Continue reading A few things

Well *I* like it

Ikeaphobia and its discontents (via Anil Dash). Interesting article about why people complain about IKEA. Globalisation is the cry, and in an ideal world I agree with a lot of the ideas set forth in No Logo (for example). Big corporations buying and selling everything, and forcing the little guy out of business etc etc.…Continue reading Well *I* like it


“That’s what friends are for…” Sang the vultures in Jungle Book, but hey, what do they know? It’s true though, friendship affords you all sorts of discretions, mistakes and assumptions. I’m not suggesting for a minute that friendships should be abused but let’s just say that they are fairly robust. Most of the time. So…Continue reading Friendship

Bucket of Shite

So, the government gets absolved of all wrong-doing yet again. Who’d have expected that, eh? And the report’s been done by a Lord, so it must all be kosher and above-board. *Yawn* Apathy continues, can’t be bothered making up my own content, thanks Lyle 😉

Start Stop

ap.a.thy, noun:1. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference. 2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness. Here, there, everywhere. Can’t be bothered. Want to go back to bed. Changes required? Probably, can’t be bothered with change. Catch-22. Funny book, bleak outlook. Outlook 2003 issues. Annoying and on to…Continue reading Start Stop

Altogether now

BLIZZARD!!! Feck, where did that come from? One minute blue skies, the next whiteout. Of course today is the first day for 3 weeks that I’ve NOT brought lunch in with me. Feck. Still, at least someone will be happy.

9 things

“10 things I can’t be bothered to blog about” by diamond geezer. Awfully good of him as it saves me posting similar thoughts here (although I have mentioned THAT virus so it’s only really 9 things). Hmmm blogging by proxy, it could catch on…