Last shopping

What do you get for the man who has everything? What do you get for the woman who has everything? Aim for around ¬£20 – answers in the comments (hey, I’m desparate)

Quick review

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.Fantastic fight scenes, some funny moments, some touching moments and about 20 minutes too long (you’ll know which 20 minutes when you see it). Today: Man coming to tell me that I’ll need to spend a lot of money to get our central heating system fixed.Tonight: Work Christmas…Continue reading Quick review

Quote of the Year

Band of 2003: “‘It’s going to be a bit like having sex in front of your parents – you know, that moment when you’re a teenager and you’ve been having a wank with your eyes closed in your bedroom and you wake up and there’s suddenly a steaming mug of tea next to you?’ says…Continue reading Quote of the Year

Meant to say

Apologies for it being a little slow around here, I may also be missing from your comments boxes for the next few days, because: (Side) Project X is finishing up – cue last minute rush (no link as it’s a secret.. sshhhhh) Heating is slowly giving up the ghost again, radiators getting colder in proportion…Continue reading Meant to say

For Lyle (and all you other humbuggers)

Are you allergic to Christmas? “The festive season affects people in different ways. If, for example, the words ‘Christmas shopping’ bring you out in a cold sweat, or the sight of decorated tree before 21 December makes your brow furrow, you probably have a condition called ‘being male’.”

Up and down

Seems like the site is back (or you wouldn’t be reading this). Might disappear again but will be back once I sort out the ‘billing’ issue I’m having with my host – they sent a reminder I never received, and despite having two telephone numbers that I am contactable by didn’t think to phone either,…Continue reading Up and down

Who's right?

Does Saddam deserve protection under the banner of ‘human rights’ when he has not given that chance to millions of Iraqis. Discuss.