There is something wrong about being in work this close to Christmas. It’s the first time in about 5 years I’ve done it and it’s just not right. Mind you, there is a perverse pleasure to be gained watching people scurry about at lunchtime, panic etched on their faces, consulting hastily scrawled lists or mobile…Continue reading Wrong

Period Festivities

We were at the Raymond Gubbay Christmas Concert: Carols by Candlelight, tonight. It was more classical than I thought, but I knew all the pieces. Stand out was, of course, the chorus singing Stille Nacht, a wonderfully soft, harmonised arrangement which I’ve heard before. In fact I was surprised, as was Louise, at how many…Continue reading Period Festivities


So I thought I’d take a quick skim through the other ‘almost’ winners of THAT competition (which I really don’t wanna say any more about as I fear I’ve already upset Gert – still luv ya sweetie!). (“sweetie”? WTF?) I happen across the runner-up: apparently nothing at all, and see there is a Powershot S30…Continue reading Shame


Blogging, defined? (via Fembat) Not sure I agree with this to be honest, think it’s possibly more aimed at forums. đŸ˜‰ (I’m trying to be ‘ironic’ OK, I think it’s scarily, and funnily, accurate)


Buildings wrapped in candyfloss as the neon burns. Daylight creeping through the gaps. White and pink tinges everywhere. As I recently commented to someone, taking each day as it comes is easier said than done. But it’s much easier on mornings like this.

Loads down, 3 to go

Three pressies left to buy. Knackered.Sore feet.Knackered.Possibly cinema tonight.Knackered.Three more days work left.Knackered.Beginning to get “into the spirit”.Knackered.Not sleeping much for some reason.Knackered. How are you?


As usual our Christmas party was a cracker. Yes, I’m still recovering. Skipping past the ‘better than average but still not too great’ food (which, considering they are catering for 300 people at the one time, I thought was pretty bloody good), the night kicked off with a band. A very good band. A very…Continue reading Recovering


The Straight Man’s Guide to Enjoying Gay Sex (via Plasticbag) “This article does not aim to change the collective consciousness of Western culture; rather, its goal is to examine and exploit some loopholes in the “laws” of masculinity – loopholes which allow the straight man to explore the extended spectrum of sexuality while maintaining his…Continue reading FYI