Hazy Shade of Morning

Various snippets from the pub(s) last night, which one isn’t true: “Why do people blog?”“I’m serious, it’s a lesbian beauty contest”“What do you think I’d get for a £10.” – “Probably a slap…”“Man! they fucked this place up” – “Yeah, and the smell of vomit isn’t helping”“Ohh the one that comes in the poofy glass”“No…Continue reading Hazy Shade of Morning


I’ll close out the week with a wonderfully written piece that will bring a lump to your throat and leave you feeling all loved up (unless of course you’ve had that emotion surgically removed, hey you are talking to a guy that gets tear-eyed watching Lassie…) londonmark: Y is for You. Have a good weekend…Continue reading Heartwarming

Hello Google

I’ve been thrown out of my own home tonight. Usurped by a group of woman paying homage to the all powerful creator of “The Rabbit®”. Yes, Louise is hosting an Ann Summers party tonight. A room full of women, a table full of nibbles (low fat of course) and cupboard full of booze, not to…Continue reading Hello Google

A reminder

Buy Nothing Day – November 29th 2003. I’m pretty sure I can do this, as tomorrow will mainly involve sleeping in, then picking up our youngest niece and nephew, and ..er.. (Lyle, look away now) … putting up our Christmas Tree and decorations. And before anyone says anything, I live with a woman whose whole…Continue reading A reminder

As seen in…

All over the interwebnet this one, but I like this article, and more specifically some of the comments after it (I would stop after the first 20 or so comments as they degenerate into the usual childish flaming): Emancipating Hard Drives. Favourite Comment: “I perceive Los Angeles County as discriminatory. Please remove it from itself.”

Better Content

One advantage of not really having much time to write about anything means that I can take great pleasure in pointing you to some choice pieces written by others. For example: I was a prepubescent hooker – A must read if you don’t really ‘get’ rugby.Things that happen in 1000-acre woods – because I got…Continue reading Better Content