Consistency lacking

A short while before I went on holiday I downloaded (again) w.bloggar and a little plugin that allowed me to add which track was currently swirling round my head. Of course for this to work I need to use w.bloggar exclusively when posting and, obviously, I’ve not been. It’s almost like my life in microcosm,…Continue reading Consistency lacking

Information Design

Work related but should be interesting to anyone who works with information (i.e. most people who are reading this!).Introduction to Information Design: “Information is the beginning of meaning.”

David Blaine

“…since he began his feet on Friday night.” A passing mention to someone I used to admire and now think has gone a little too far. The real queston is, what has be began.. on his feet? with his feet? between or under his feet? I’m confused now…


No motivation, post holiday blues. So I’ll fill a little time by telling you a story. In a village in Spain, a woman of undetermined age (let’s say she’s my mother-in-law) is accompanied by her daughter to a shop to buy postage stamps. They approach the counter, behind which sits an elderly Spaniard. In her…Continue reading Yawn


Whilst we were away my Gran was taken into hospital. She is fine now, but my Mum was a bit worried about her, as was I, I’m just back from visiting her at the hospital and don’t have the energy to post about our holiday. Expect more tomorrow and probably a few choice photos too.…Continue reading Family


I’ve finally succumbed to the internet cafe. I’ve walked past it every couple of days, and ignored it’s calls. It’s not so easy once I’ve had a couple of cerveza (hic). Will catch up with you all on Sunday (if I’m not cutting the grass), and the stories of the holiday will be told, including…Continue reading 213